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What is UI UX Design?


UX design stands for "user experience design," whereas UI stands for "user interface design." Both parts are essential to a service and function in tandem. Despite their professional link, their jobs are highly diverse, relating to very different areas of the product development process and the design discipline.

User interface design is the process of creating user interfaces for equipment and software such as computers, home appliances, mobile devices, and other electronic devices with the goal of increasing usability and user experience.

Our UI UX Design Services


Cambria UI/UX designers provide user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design services for new products as well as changes to UI/UX and design of your current digital goods.

Cambria designers developing the UX and UI design of new products by engaging visual designs and memorable brand experiences.

Trust us to provide your application's end users with a straightforward, engaging, and aesthetically pleasing experience.

Through engaging visual designs and memorable brand experiences, we'll assist you in developing strong emotional relationships with your customers. Emotions and ultra-personalization shape today's consumer behavior, which is why we utilize human-centered user experience services to establish brand loyalty over time.

A user-friendly and eye-catching design is a great asset for outpacing your competition, enhancing your client acquisition, and increasing your conversions.

Do I Need a UX Designer?


If you want your business to be market-competitive, and your app is the cornerstone of your product, then you will need UX and UI designers.

UX designers making user-friendly and accessible websites by integrating product development to personalize the project.

UX designers are in charge of making products, services, and technology as user-friendly and accessible as possible. We integrate market research, product development, strategy, and design, to personalize your product or service. We assist businesses in better understanding and meeting the demands of their users.

Benefits of UI UX Design


It is obvious that a UI UX designer is required to make things function, and that the success of your project will be heavily dependent on whether or not your user understands your program and finds it simple to use.

UI and UX designers checking all software functionalities and simulating user experience for the success of the project.
  • Verify ideas and prospective solutions with UX services.
  • Meet customer demands by providing an all-encompassing and human-centered UI design and user experience.
  • Avoid the risk of coding flawed user journey and unnecessary features.
  • Reach your target audience with an efficient customer happiness and loyalty approach based on user-focused UX design research.
  • Increase client acquisition and retention rates by creating designs that are fit for purpose.
  • Boost your future services uptake with UI/UX services to design goods and services that are tailored to the requirements and preferences of your users.

Start building your software with us!


Our strategy is simple. Outstanding programmers do not need middle managers or elaborate QC controls. And our clients deal directly with the programmer.

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Why Choose Cambria for Your UI UX Designs?


More and more companies are turning to us for custom software development because we can deliver effective software with a stylish design and a smooth user experience.

A team of UI and UX designers from a custom software development company taking a break after delivering a stylish software.

Since 1984, we have been delivering custom software development services. We have extensive knowledge of digital technology and are results-oriented. We think that a mobile or web app is an effective marketing and sales tool that can help you create your brand, increase traffic, and provide a measurable ROI.

We have an experienced team of UI/UX designers and programmers who can give you a high degree of scalability and flexibility for your web and mobile app designs, as well as your desktop software, which can also be adjusted to meet your specific requirements. We provide high-quality UI/UX designs at reasonable prices and with excellent customer service.

Our Software Development Process

timeline icon Planning and Ideation

Ideation is an excellent technique to generate ideas and then discuss which ones should be explored. A successful ideation session discovers design questions related to your software, as well as potential design solutions.

What could your software accomplish? What should it be doing? This phase generates several ideas that will be discussed with you.

timeline icon Creating Task Models and User Journey

The goal of creating task models is to guarantee that your software fulfills the expectations of users about how the system operates. Usability issues arise when there is a mismatch between what the user wants to accomplish and how the system expects them to do it.

Conducting user research and creating a task model are tremendously helpful in subsequent design decisions. Creating a task model during requirements-gathering can serve as a benchmark for your succeeding designs. This can aid in the prioritization of user flows and UI components.

timeline icon Creating Customer Experience Maps

Customer experience maps are clearly significant in the context of user experience since they help you understand how your people view their environment relative to your software. You can then adjust your designs to meet your client experience maps based on this knowledge.

timeline icon Creating Useful Persona Profile

A persona is a fictitious portrayal of a certain set of users' aims and activities. They are based on research with real consumers, therefore they have a solid foundation in fact. A set of persona profiles represents a thorough grasp of actual individuals.

When dealing with software, a persona's behavior patterns, requirements, and objectives are specified. Although part of this information is fictitious, the underlying data is based on actual user research.

timeline icon Design Useful Information Architecture

A software's information architecture is its ability that determines the experience, reasoning, and strategy that drives the final graphic design. The information architecture of a digital product specifies how it will fit together, how users will navigate within it, and, most importantly, how it will serve its intended function.

A good information architecture will allow users to locate what they are looking for without having to think about it too much. Users are unaware of great information architecture. They don't pay attention to it or worry about it since they are too preoccupied with completing their tasks.

timeline icon Design Great Wireframes

What is a wireframe, exactly? In the same way that an architect's drawings depict a finished structure, a wireframe symbolizes a finished website or application. They are significant because they allow you to experiment with, test, and iterate on design concepts.

Wireframes differ greatly based on the designer, project, and goal. They are, however, often grayscale pictures of the digital product that demonstrate navigation patterns, sample or dummy content, calls to action, photography, other media needs, form components, and advertisement placement.

There is no graphic design in the form of final artwork, typeface use, or overall look and feel. Page layout and visual weighting, on the other hand, are addressed. Annotations, such as functional specifications or content needs, are frequently added to wireframes.

timeline icon Prototyping

Prototyping has always been an essential component of the design process. It is unavoidable that designers will need to visualize their ideas at some point. Prototyping is an excellent way for us to communicate our vision with you and your users.

This phase entails creating high-fidelity prototypes to be shared with you. Given the interactive nature of the services and software we build, prototyping has never been more crucial.

UI UX Design Outsourcing to the Philippines


UX is one of the most rapidly increasing areas of digital design. There is a global shortage of talented UX designers, and demand from companies starving for creative talent is expanding.

When you employ UX designers from outsourcing companies in the Philippines like Cambria, you will be provided guidance on how to reinvent the features of your software. When you outsource UX design to us, we will gladly make suggestions to help you develop and expand your software.

Strategic location

Asia is the fastest expanding area on the planet, and the Philippines is right in the middle of it.

Because of its closeness to major Asian capitals, the country has significant logistics access points, particularly within the ASEAN region. Located at the crossroads of eastern and western commerce, the Philippines is a major entry point to over 500 million people in the ASEAN market.

The Philippines has advanced communication, transportation, commercial, and economic infrastructure.

With fiber optic cables as the primary network link and satellites as backup, communication provides worldwide access 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For companies wanting to outsource their UI UX design needs, the Philippines is the natural and most strategic option. Companies who outsource business processes to the Philippines will get access to the massive ASEAN market and its numerous trade prospects.

By outsourcing your UI UX design to the Philippines, you will be able to integrate into the enormous framework of the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement (AFTA).

The Philippines has a large pool of creative talent. One of the most significant advantages the Philippines has over any other nation offering UI UX design services is its manpower.

With higher education as a priority, the country's literacy rate is 94.6 percent, ranking among the best in the world. Because English is taught in all schools, the Philippines is the world's third largest English-speaking country.

The Philippines has an open economy that enables 100 percent foreign ownership in some sectors and encourages Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) investment.

Multinational corporations seeking regional headquarters are eligible for tax breaks and duty-free imports of certain equipment and supplies.

The Philippines is a second home for expats who enjoy the company of Asia's friendliest people. The country is open to all cultures and has a global view, offering numerous magnificent beauty in a tropical environment, combined with the best of western conveniences.

Expats appreciate readily available and reasonably priced luxury such as business centers, housing, schools, hospitals, retail malls, hotels and restaurants, beach resorts, and leisure facilities.

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