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What our clients say


Sharon Maguire Dog Breed Info Center®, USA

Apple Ilagan just completed the work on the website BreederInfoCenter.com and she did a wonderful job. We worked well together in working out what needed to be done.

David Ferleger Esq., Jenkintown, PA, USA

Looks terrific Clariza. (ferleger.com) Thank you so much! Very well done!

Thibaut Carrabin Australian Embassy, Manila

Hi Jenny, Romeo emailed me the latest version ...I have been impressed with the promptness of the work from the Access team, they definitely seem to know what they are doing. They have been a pleasure to work with, even though it is all done remotely via email. Cheers,

Mark Tinney JOBehaviors , Gig Harbor, WA

Thanks JM. BTW, I had a great compliment from one of our biggest clients (Schneider) on the ease of use of our program. Without all of your effort and ability that would not have been possible. We really appreciate what you do.

Jim Philips Silent Shield , Atlanta, GA

I wanted to reach out to you and let you know about the performance Jon has done to-date regarding Silent Shield. I am very pleased with his coding and professionalism. He is very responsive in each request I've asked for and continues to provide very good code that is easy to follow and maintain. He has made his deliverables each time despite the week he was out. Great Job!

CDavid Phillips D'LangEMobile , Augusta, GA

Jon is one of the best communicators I have ever talked to in business period. I'm sure he's one of your top and best programmers and leaders as well. I could go on but I will end this by saying "Cambria & D'LangEMobile would be in a mess without Jon Mora." He deserves a raise !!

Cheryl Sott It's Intoxicating, Inc. , Edwardsville, PA

[Dick] I have worked now with Jon, Harry and Jenny and think your staff in the Philippines is awesome.

Mark Tinney JOBehaviors , Gig Harbor, WA

YOU ARE THE MAN! Comcast went down at 2:10am and I lost email and internet. I knew you'd have the site up. You are a lifesaver. When you get in tonight please email me your thoughts on things we may still need to do.
This is a big deal. Thank YOU
[Dick]..Just so you know, my server blew up Saturday morning. I was able to find a replacement and had a series of fortunate events. Unfortunately it was the weekend at my co-location provider and we had the B team. They made a series of regrettable mistakes which threw a wrench in the works. My absolute drop-dead goal was to have this site up by Monday morning. JM stayed on the case and we had a few hours to spare before business started Monday morning.
He may be half way round the world but he was right here with me until the site was back up.
Thanks again,

David Phillips D'LangEMobile , Grovetown, GA

Jon & Dick:
I know I have already sent this to you once; however, without your company's help and programming, I have no chance.
I'm very excited about the potential for future business for D'LangEMobile and none of it would be possible without Cambria. I also realize it comes with a cost.
Dick, .... Jon has been super.

Steve Mosher Cipher Data Resources , Anaheim, CA

Jon [and Rodel]: I have been reviewing the program and it really looks good. You have done a terrific job.

Mark Linde Creative i Advertising & Interactive Media , Palo Alto, CA

I just wanted to say thanks again. JM saved [me] this week, even though it was supposed to be his day off.
I just had a first Demo for the client and everybody is really pleased with the whole application.
We all agreed your multi ship page was the best way to make it simple for a "shopper" to send an order to many different shipping addresses.
Right now JM is the only guy I'm going to call when I need ASP.Net help. As you may know I'm the only programmer here and it's been brutal. It's great to know I have help available when I need it.
Thanks Dick and especially JM.
And yes Dick you can quote me ..

Jed Weissberg Fremont, CA

[The following was lifted from a web site that prints reviews of service companies.]
Cambria Corporation fixed our wireless network and got it to start working again.
The guy [Kien Do] who comes to make the house call is incredibly smart and knows what he is doing. He gets to the problem immediately. He is very helpful and helps us with other things besides what we usually call him for such as installing better security software for free and that sort of thing. He helped us order a new laptop when the other one crashed.
Overall A, Price A, Quality A, Responsiveness A, Punctuality A, Professionalism A.

Dan Farley Practical Development Solutions , Palo Alto, CA

...JM is a superb, versatile technologist. He is also an excellent communicator who can explain complex technical topics to a layman. Finally, he is excellent at thinking like the end-user, so he is right with you, or one step ahead of you, in thinking how a solution will work for the end customer.

Michael BeDell CEO, Barry Rhein and Associates , San Jose, CA

Before I get your thoughts on something, I want you to know how much we appreciate the work you've done for us so far and how responsive you have been and the great quality of your work!

Mark Tinney JOBehaviors , Gig Harbor, WA

I thought you might find the attached feedback from our client's of interest. Cambria, and in particular, James C., have played an integral part in helping us achieve our vision. You have also enabled us to respond quickly to our client's unique technology needs. Your team is always responsive and eager to tackle any challenge we send their way. We truly appreciate all your team does (and continues to do) for us.
Thanks again,

John Kane Stamford, CT

The project is going great. I have been going back and forth with JM tweaking the site. I am very happy.

Tom Goren Warm Regards , Oakland, CA

I can feel us getting close to the end of Version 1.... Thanks for your excellent work.
I feel very fortunate to have found Cambria.
...Thanks for all the great work.

Shelia McBride Gradecheck , Detroit, MI

Romeo you are so AWESOME!!!! This is going to be great when you are done... Thank you, I'm certain Jeff can work with what you have working thus far!

Gregory Toro Pembroke , Wayne, PA

Thanks JM ... System is working great and everyone is happy with the new options report.

Scott Waite WebListers.net , San Diego, CA

I'm really impressed with Ragini and your company. She has been great help to me.

David Hutchins Hutchins Systems, Inc. , Miramar Beach, FL

Your company [Romeo] did outstanding work for us and I will be using your company [in future].

Dan Farley Practical Development Solutions , Palo Alto, CA

JM, Thanks for everything. This was a total rush job and I appreciate the hyper-responsive support... Really appreciate you making me look good and enabling me to take my best shot at capturing the business. Dan

Teresa Patel TwistedStylz, Inc. , Belmont, CA

Thanks so much once again you are doing a fabulous job Rory. I'm beyond satisfied to date with your work, promptness and most importantly your attention to detail!

Shiela MacBride and Paul Manns Gradecheck , Detroit, MI

You guys [Nancy, Romeo, Sherick, Fred, James] are doing a great job!!! :)
The site looks great, please pass on my sincere thank you for all of the work your team did to pull this site together in the last couple of weeks.

Karen Zinn Razak Company , Philadelphia, PA

Thank you Nancy -
The upgraded database will only enhance our abilities to do more!

Duncan Beekink Coach voor Succes , Amsterdam, Netherlands, --

I am currently finalized what has been a thrilled adventure so far...boy ... guys from Cambria are good! www.cambria.com, I can recommend [you] to anyone!

Mark Tinney JOBehaviors , Gig Harbor, WA

James, The landing page is perfect! You can check it out here:
I really appreciate your prompt response. Please let Kristine know how pleased we are as well. Thanks again. [and added later] "...Cambria consistently exceeds our expectations."

Patrick Marsh Infinity Software Solutions, Inc. , Decatur, AL

Hi Helen, Thanks a million for getting the EDI 214 fixed. .. I just wanted to let you know that we really appreciate getting that kind of turnaround and are grateful to be working with someone that knows how to hit deadlines, [and] gets it done right... We really appreciate the extra efforts you've put in to our projects.

Urban Whitaker Lytton Gardens , Palo Alto, CA

Thank you all very much for the efficient, friendly, fast and reasonably priced help you gave me when my computer tried to commit suicide.
I had great help all the way ... and then Ken who not only fixed it, but answered my long list of questions and offered me excellent tips for avoiding future problems.

Christina Rosati Optical Theory , Washington, DC

I only wish I could put Cambria in charge of everything I'd like to do in life. Everyone I worked with at Cambria exceeded by an extraordinary degree my highest hopes for the website I asked them to create. Not only were they able to bring every aspect of the project to life exactly as I had envisioned it, but where needed, they made adjustments that significantly improved the website. From Dick, with whom I first discussed the project and who so kindly reviewed my materials over the course of an evening when I'm sure he had many other things to do -- through Rory, who supervised all aspects of the work and created the interfaces -- Jess, who worked to achieve particular effects I hoped for -- and Jose (JM), who created the complicated database structure that underpins the website and all the functionality that works so beautifully -- everyone was consistently reliable, professional, courteous, patient, creative, and a complete delight.

Tom M. Wilson TMW Commerce , Hayward, C

Kristin's performance has been more than satisfying. The updates have been accurate & appealing. She normally "gets it" the first time, which is terrific considering I don't have to explain extensively what I am trying to achieve.
Thank You for your diligence!

Margit Novack Moving Solutions , Philadelphia, PA

I want to thank you for your help in designing and implementing the Moving Solutions website. I cannot believe how quickly the site was developed. Jess, your ideas in thinking through the original concept were very helpful. Nat, your technical expertise was great, and Rory, your design skills, can-do attitude and overall responsiveness were more than I could ask for.
I am often not an easy person to work with. I am demanding, I move very quickly and expect others to match my pace. My experience with Cambria could not have been better. I love our new website, both how well it reflects who we are and how it looks and navigates. Once again, many thanks for a superb job.

Patrick Van Slyke Assisted Living Placement, Inc , Tustin, CA

I look forward to getting it done soon! By the way, I am sure you already know but Ragini is wonderful.

David Swanson Aesculap , Center Valley, PA

(To James C.) Now that the original "Customer Cross Reference Tool (CD)" has been launched to our entire Surgical Technologies Division sales force and management team I wanted to provide feedback to you for all of your hard work toward the completion of this project. To date, since the official launch at our National Sales Meeting in February, we have received numerous comments from both our own employees (sales force members) and our customers indicating that this finished software product (CD Rom) is a complete SUCCESS -- and very much APPRECIATED! I wanted to personally thank you for your efforts, your expertise, and above all, your patience with us as we continued to identify the optimal (and most user friendly) format to provide our customers with this essential cross reference information for our products.

Brian Regan Semper International LLC , Boston, MA

Chris and I wanted to thank you [Ragini] for your efforts on the recent NAPCO co-branding project. Your attention to detail, efforts, quick clear action and willingness to get the project done within budget was exceptional. It has been a pleasure working with you and working through any issues that we encountered.
This project was important to Semper/PrintWorkers and it was handled professionally by you and your organization. This project and its success encourages me to grow this division of our company as I feel secure we have a partner that appreciates what we deem important and works with us to see a positive outcome. Very exciting potential.
Ok, enough for the politically correct stuff - Ragini you ROCK!!

Matthew D. Glaser Granite Hill Partners, LLC , New York, NY

"It was a pleasure working with Jess and Fred at Cambria - they are talented, creative, and very professional. We have received very positive feedback from our clients about our site. We are extremely pleased and would recommend Cambria without hesitation."

Printworkers Boston, MA

For this estimate, really all we need is a preliminary estimate and brief explanation about the work involved, this is not something we want you to dwell upon too deeply, just your opinion, it's respected here.
If I haven't said it before, out of all the Cold Fusion Developers I've been dealing with, you've [Ragini] got the best attitude and you obviously know your technology better than most developers I've dealt with.

Randy Morris & Carl McDaniel First Class Seating , Nashville, TN

I just wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with our site now that we are about to go live. Both Jess and Natalia have been very good to work with and have been especially conscious of our excessive needs given our minimal backrounds within internet sales and site developement.
If ever you would like to send a prospect our way please feel free as we will be happy to fill them in on Cambria' excellent quality of work and your exceptional and timely feedback in getting things done and all our questions answered.
I look forward to our ongoing relationship and growing together!
Thanks for all that you do!!!

Jane Franks Gene Franks Fine Art, Inc. , Springdale, AR

We are extremely pleased with our new web site. The designer [Jess Carpenter] was great to work with, fast and very good at communication throughout the entire process. He was able to "get inside" our heads and project exactly the image we wanted. He was kind and considerate, decisive and confident of his design ideas, which helped immensely at points when I was indecisive. We couldn't have asked for anyone better to work with, and this is saying something -- coming from two artists!
The software programmer [Natalia Gabrielian] has developed an amazing e-commerce store --- so detailed, yet easy to work behind the scenes. She was tireless in her effort to set us up with a new PayPal product that drove both of us to the brink of our patience, but she stayed with it until it was up and working -- and always with a kind, helpful and professional spirit.
I am so impressed with Cambria, and already have referred several people to the company.
Here are some comments we have received about our new web site: "Your web site is FABULOUS! The background is perfect for your work. It is the best web site I think I have ever seen."
"No wonder you were happy with the help that you got on this. It has turned out beautifully. I have sent it on to many of my friends. "

Chris Vetrano Windsor High School , Windsor, CA

It's been really great working with Jess and Ragini. So easy and nice. Jess would have had the entire site done by today except I had problems getting people to cough up their sections. ... we really felt you listened very well when we were in the planning stage.

Russ Wiitala Sicon International , San Jose, CA

On another note, I'm really quite happy with how the web site turned out. Doug did a great job with it. It's got the clean look I wanted, it loads quickly, and is easy to navigate.

Joe Frain Frain Insurance Agency , Chesterton, IN

A person usually doesn't hear when they did something right, only when something was done wrong, so "Wow Nancy, we have a great program!!" It was an amazing feeling to see the interest in another insurance agents face when we showed him meimo this morning. We should be able to eliminate STACKS of paper from this agency. Meimo would not be near the quality that it is if we had different programmers. Thank you again for a great program!!

Richard Howell Commerciant, LP , Houston, TX

"After 15 years of high tech marketing, I've seen it all in terms of website costs, promises and delivery. I was exploring offshore development companies and Cambria called.
I was skeptical, but the price was fair and the process was smooth and efficient. Best of all, the final website [by Beth Sullivan] looked great and will be a powerful part of our corporate brand. I highly recommend Cambria to technology companies frustrated with the quality of their websites and who want fast, world-class results."

Joe Krings Inns by the Sea , Carmel, CA

Inns by the Sea (www.innsbythesea.com) needed to develop a new website that created an immediate impact on potential guests and allowed them to easily navigate and book our properties. In addition, we needed the ability to capture more information from current and potential guest to help build a larger online community of potential guest to reach out to. Cambria helped us do that! Our site was developed on time and on budget, which is very unique in the industry. Beth Sullivan, who did the graphic design, is a professional and delivers.

Don Lundgren, Lundgren Associates , Palo Alto, CA

Having been an Executive in Silicon Valley Hi-Tech software companies for the last 20 years I know how important your front line people are to your customer satisfaction. In Geoff and Bart you have two guys who really take a personal interest in the customer. Pass on my thanks to them.

Bob Barancik BobCreates , Wynnewood, PA

Beth is a joy to work with!

Michael Hess Volunteer Nepal

Seeing the web site in its almost entirety is a moving experience for me, thanks to whatever forces guided me to Beth and Natalia to bring this dream to reality in such a considerate, artistic, and moving way. It is obvious when I look over the web site that you have given more than your intellect to this project, your heart and soul have touched every page.

Peter Fetchheimer Palo Alto, CA

I have been extremely pleased with the Web page that was developed for me by Natalia at Cambria. It gives me the flexibility to make changes myself, and they appear instantly. Also, whenever I have had questions I have been given excellent service on the telephone.

Karen Mason Visa International , Foster City, CA

Hi everyone, I wanted to let you know that we demonstrated the database to the sponsoring executive in our Global Brand Management group yesterday, and it went very well. He was very impressed and excited about the system, and when he asked about what we thought about Cambria...we told him we love you and that you really made this system dance. You have really made the impossible happen, and this tool will help Visa identify new opportunities, flag changes in competitive activity, and make informed decisions that lead to better results.

Robert M. Behavioral Health of The Palm Beaches , Palm Beach, FL

WOWOWOW........you did it........YEA! A real "site" for sore eyes. It never looked so good. Now I know why I switched to Cambria, great customer service!

Greg Pierce NuBody USA , King of Prussia, PA

Having founded and developed three successful small businesss I understand the importance of a web site as a marketing tool. I have worked with web site designers and Natalia is the best. From the initial assessment she performed to determine my needs, the market research to identify and analyze my competition, to the actual web site design, implementation and maintenance, Natalia has been without fault. Natalia's work is creative, sophisticated, and a true bargain. Natalia is always available responding to messages in a timely fashion, and answering questions in a knowledgeable fashion. What I had anticipated being an arduous task Natalia turned into a seemingly effortless, enjoyable, and informative experience.

Dan Ditzler Newton Associates , Saint Davids, PA

Once again, many thanks. The site looks great and it's been a pleasure to work with you.

Tony Zadnik Agile Medical , Havertown, PA

It has been a pleasure working with Nat. She has worked from beginning template to final product designing, coding and implementing my e-commerce website. The site required many proprietary changes and Nat was capable of implementing each one into an efficient framework. Not only is Nat capable of building a site to specifications, she is able to understand an idea and implement it into the site's framework seamlessly. She has a strong work ethic and cares about the final product.

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