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About Cambria

Our Message is simple. "Without control of your Software, you don't have control of your company."

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We are a Custom Programming Company that provide services to our customers for more than 30 years. Since 1984, we continue to evolve through a succession of different programming specialties. We write the software specifically for the needs of our clients. And with our Custom Software staff who are a programming experts in a variety of the languages and tools necessary to produce custom software, we can provide a high-performance data-driven websites or softwares to our clients.

Our programmers are all seniors with a ton of experience. Outstanding programmers do not need middle managers or elaborate QC controls. And our clients deal directly with the programmer. Such a staff needs to be well paid and supported so our prices are somewhat high for Asia. But a bargain in the developed world.

Why Cambria?


Work with talented Software Engineers in the third largest English Speaking Country in the world: The Philippines

  • 207 Programmers

  • 37 Years of Experience

  • 2565 Projects Completed

  • One of the largest English Speaking Countries in the world, the Philippines

Our Technological Expertise

  • Web Application

  • Desktop Application

  • Mobile Application

Our History


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