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Cambria provides scalable iOS development teams to build apps for

iOS Platform Expertise

We offer extensive experience developing innovative iOS apps solving complex business challenges across sectors. Our competence covers proficiency in Objective-C, Swift, Xcode, and SDKs to build award-winning solutions.

Having delivered 100+ apps, we leverage the Apple ecosystem fully - from advanced APIs to optimizing across platforms like iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. We developed, for example, an immersive 3D customization app for a top manufacturing company using iOS cameras and graphics. Our specialized focus maximizes ROI via tailored iOS solutions.



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iOS App Development Essentials

iOS-optimized apps generate up to 41% higher user spend than generic mobile solutions. By leveraging our iOS specialization, enterprises gain tailored teams, decreasing costs 70% on average, and accelerating launches.

Native iOS apps built with Swift and Xcode provide the best performance, security, and access to hardware like GPS and cameras compared to web apps. Native code also facilitates tight integration with device features like widgets, Siri, notifications, and biometrics.

Strategic promotions for polished iOS apps can lift conversion rates up. Well-designed interfaces drive loyalty and sales through customized experiences.

We build solutions like:

  • Mobile apps

  • Tablet apps

  • Wearable device apps

  • Embedded entertainment system apps

  • Business management systems

  • CRM and ERP software

  • Data processing apps

  • Cross-platform apps

By leveraging our experienced iOS developers, enterprises obtain specialized teams to rapidly build, iterate and scale apps tailored for their needs - saving up to 70% in costs compared to traditional resourcing models.

Scale Your Team With Confidence!

Avoid lengthy recruitment and hire a team of expert iOS developers to tackle your Custom iOS Application project.

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Key iOS App Benefits

There are many clear advantages to investing in a professionally developed custom iOS application, including:

Revenue Growth

Sales gains from increased native store conversions.

Customer Engagement

Longer user sessions via immersive engagement.

Operational Efficiency

Operational savings through coordination.

Enhanced Security

Lowered fraud via robust encryption.

Future Scalability

Future-proof scaling prepared for vast user volumes.

Competitive Innovation

Unique mobility innovation setting you apart.

As an enterprise iOS development leader, we ensure your app delivers maximum business impact across these crucial areas.

Why iOS Application Development?

An infographic showing the benefits of optimized iOS applications in tapping Apple's large global user base.

The vast, lucrative Apple ecosystem drives organizations to iOS, attracted by loyal users who:

By building best-in-class iOS apps optimized for Apple platforms, enterprises can tap into this vast, high-value user base for sustainable competitive advantage.

Understanding Your iOS App Development Needs

Developing a successful iOS app requires clearly identifying core objectives, target users, technical specifications, integrations, and key results to drive the build and launch process.

iOS app developers lead workshops unpacking critical flows, integrations and more establishing strong iOS foundations. Setting precise user personas prevents disjointed features missing the mark altogether.

Rigorous research informs data-driven functionality aligned tightly with business goals, ensuring day one iOS value.

Clients access our product experts, who apply evidence-based delivery skills honed over 40+ years.

Contact us today to initiate the development process through comprehensive needs alignment, preventing wasted effort from misguided assumptions.

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The iOS Apps Development Process

We utilize a streamlined process for iOS builds meeting enterprise standards, balancing agility and governance for optimum outcomes.


Kick-off and requirement finalization to:

  • Prioritize features

  • Finalize workflow

  • Confirm integrations

  • Establish KPIs

  • Complete UX/UI design

Locked specifications accelerate development and prevent unwelcome surprises.

Execution Phase

Begin agile software development:

  • Native code

  • Code reviews

  • Fix issues

  • Optimization

  • Real device testing

Short iterations rapidly build the application.


Start user acceptance sign-off:

  • App Store publish

  • Monitor analytics

  • Support incidents

  • Increment planning

  • Ongoing maintenance

Seamless transition to continuous improvements.


Expand app capabilities:

  • Boost utility continuously

  • Personalize experiences further

  • Integrate third-party APIs

  • Refine processes and workflows

Enhancements add value on an ongoing basis.


Begin tracking metrics tightly over time:

  • Record all issues concisely

  • Analyze adoption levels regularly

  • Review user behaviors closely

  • Assess App Store feedback appropriately

Monitoring enables data-driven decisions.


Embark on incorporating direct user input:

  • Outline new development items

  • Prepare future releases continually

  • Expand system capabilities continuously

  • Hone experiences based on research

This step allows for refining apps regularly.


Confirm goal achievement routinely:

  • Pinpoint areas needing improvement

  • Determine progress made objectively

  • Gather user sentiment frequently

  • Quantify business impact transparently

Assessing initiatives continuously provides valuable insights.


Implement any urgent fixes:

  • Stabilize operations completely

  • Refactor older code appropriately

  • Automate manual operations intelligently

  • Remove process inefficiencies methodically

Improving performance continuously reduces technical debt.

We handle the heavy lifting to enable enterprises to focus on advancing innovation through mobility.

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Access iOS Talent Quickly!

Initiate iOS App Development rapidly by leveraging our seasoned team of programmers.

Programming Languages for iOS Development

Here are the top programming languages for iOS application development:

  • Swift. Apple's official programming language for building iOS apps. Has replaced Objective-C as the primary language.

  • Objective-C. Was the original language used for iOS development though less popular now than Swift. Still used for some apps.

  • JavaScript. Can be used with frameworks like React Native, NativeScript, and Cordova to build cross-platform iOS and Android apps.

  • Python. Can be used with frameworks like Kivy and Tkinter to build iOS apps. Not as popular as Swift or Objective-C but still an option.

  • C/C++. Useful for building lower level functions or porting over existing C/C++ code to iOS. Not ideal for entire app development.

  • TypeScript. A superset of JavaScript that is mainly used with React Native and Angular frameworks for cross-platform development.

  • Java. Some frameworks like Xamarin allow using C# or Java on iOS but Swift and Objective-C are still better alternatives.

  • Ruby. The RubyMotion framework allows developing iOS apps using the Ruby language. Smaller community than Swift/Obj-C.

  • Lua.Can be used to build iOS apps with frameworks like Corona SDK but lack of developer resources makes it less ideal.

This covers the most popular options suitable for iOS application development. Choosing the right language depends on your project requirements and use case.

Common iOS Application Solutions

The categories can vary depending on trends and what specific types of apps are currently popular with consumers.

  • Social media apps. Apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for sharing updates and connecting.

  • Messaging/communication apps. Chat apps like Whatsapp, Telegram for sending messages and calling.

  • Education/learning apps. Apps for students, teachers and lifelong learners to study various subjects.

  • Entertainment apps. Games, music and video apps for fun and relaxation.

  • Photography/camera apps. App features for taking, editing and sharing photos and videos.

  • Shopping/ecommerce apps. Apps enabling purchases and sales of products and services.

  • Health/fitness apps. Track activity, food, sleep and provide wellness resources.

  • News/magazine apps. Deliver current events, articles and publications digitally.

In general, social media, communication, education, and entertainment apps tend to be among the most common iOS application types.

Custom iOS Application Development Best Practices

iOS success at scale depends on adhering to robust software practices refined over hundreds of development projects. We specialize in industry-topping processes purpose-built for Apple excellence.

  • UX Alignment. Craft intuitive user journeys aligned to usability principles.

  • Planning. Outline clear roadmaps delineating strategic priorities.

  • Design. Curate consistent UI with cohesive visual language.

  • Development. Champion Swift adoption optimizing for Apple native performance.

  • Testing. Mandate extensive test coverage across real-world scenarios.

  • Launch. Prepare go-to-market plans driving discovery and conversions.

  • Support. Support continuous iterations improving stability.

Our integrated frameworks combine technical and domain expertise into reliable iOS application blueprints engineered for results.

Choosing the Right iOS App Development Partner

Many development teams lack specialized skills and stringent processes required for complex enterprise iOS rollouts.

  • Track Record. Validate extensive backgrounds delivering exceptional iOS solutions.

  • Talent. Require top-tier Apple developers.

  • Focus. Mandate focus and iOS dedication.

  • Speed. Demand capacity to accelerate initiatives faster.

  • Approach. Favor collaborative-driven over rigid engagements.

  • Standards. Ensure ISO compliance guaranteeing quality.

  • Pricing. Compare pricing for direct cost savings.

As a custom iOS app development company with decades of experience building mobile solutions, we satisfy all criteria to streamline world-class app builds and provide unmatched ROI based on risk mitigation and velocity gains.

We Plug into Your Tech Stack

Our teams integrate into your environment, tools and protocols, able to build, connect or modernize systems with preferred:

Custom iOS Application Development Company Failures

Many development companies struggle with recurring issues that negatively impact projects.

  • Missing Deadlines. Failing to deliver on time promised.

  • Buggy Apps. Releasing apps with crashes and errors.

  • Feature Creep. Constantly adding features out of scope.

  • Poor Communication. Lack of updates on progress, challenges.

  • Security Issues. Exposing customer data, vulnerabilities.

  • High Costs. Final bill higher than estimated budget.

  • Lack of Responsiveness. Taking too long to fix issues.

  • Technology Issues. Outdated, unscalable, unsupported code.

Solving such common challenges ensures long-term partnerships through on-schedule, high-quality work that meets your project needs.

Tips for Choosing an iOS App Development Company

Choosing the right iOS app development partner is crucial for success. These eleven tips guide your selection for on-time, on-budget, quality results.

  • Check Experience. Go for a company that has been in business for many years and has experience building multiple iOS apps.

  • Look at Portfolio. Check out examples of apps they have built previously and see if their work matches your needs and vision.

  • Seek Referrals. Ask for client referrals and check reviews on sites like Clutch and Google to get an idea of their work quality and customer service.

  • Understand Pricing. Inquire about their pricing approach like hourly, fixed-bid or retained basis so there are no surprises later.

  • Validate Process. Make sure they follow an organized process like design thinking, agile etc. and not just hire random developers.

  • Evaluate Strengths. Check if their developers are experts in Swift, UI/UX design etc. and have experience building apps for your industry.

  • Consider Time Zones. If you need quick support, choose a company that works in parallel with your own time zone for convenience.

  • Ask Infrastructure. Know how they manage source code, do backups, security etc. to ensure app quality and stability.

  • Expect Support. Clarify support timelines, version updates and maintenance support to sustain the app long term.

  • Check Communication. Daily standups, project management tools keep work transparent and help address issues.

  • Sign Contracts. Get all expectations and responsibilities clearly defined to avoid scope creep and misunderstandings.

Having an objective criteria and trusting your intuition are both key to finding a true collaborative partner for understanding needs, handling challenges, and realizing impactful iOS app goals.

A company utilizing overseas iOS developers to help clients reduce project costs while maintaining quality.

Outsource Custom iOS App Development to the Philippines

To control costs by up to 70% per project on average while accessing specialized iOS acumen, some organizations turn to seasoned offshore partners. We provide access to our 207+ Philippines-based experts across the whole archipelago to drive development excellence.

Boasting English mastery and Silicon Valley management, our global talent delivers major savings without compromising collaboration, quality or outcomes for enterprise iOS initiatives.

Flexible work schedule provides multi-timezone alignment lowering delays from coordination friction.

Contact us to learn more about the Cambria Software cost and innovation advantage.

Various iOS Development Cooperation Models

software outsourcing

iOS Development Outsourcing

Rely on an external company to develop iOS apps for your business.

custom programming

Custom iOS Development

Build an app tailored specifically for your company's unique needs and branding.

staff augmentation

iOS Developer Augmentation

Supplement your in-house team with additional iOS expertise on a resources required-by-project basis.

What Our Clients Say

Here are some unsolicited testimonials from our clients.




Clutch Satisfaction Rating

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“Cambria Corporation is incredibly responsive, helpful, and accommodating. Cambria Corporation has delivered a responsive and easy-to-navigate site, which was well-received by visitors. The flexible, collaborative team exceeds expectations through their responsiveness, insightful recommendations, and ability to quickly fix issues and provide top-notch client support.”

Michael Goldstein
President & Founder, Study Wizards

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“They're always there when I need them, and they get things done when I need to get them done. With Cambria Corporation's help, the client has ensured that all of their applications are functioning smoothly — no outages or any issues. The team continues to ensure a seamless engagement by being very responsive and agile in terms of resolving the client's needs.”

Jeff Joll
President & Owner, State of the Art Systems

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“They helped move the project forward and overcome speed bumps. Cambria Corporation’s tool reduced the cost of validating certificates from $13–$15 per certificate to $.015, and it increased the accuracy from 60% to 98%. Their ability to transform an unfamiliar idea into a tangible product was impressive. Ultimately, they were dedicated to the project’s success.”

Kevin Mosby
Tax Director, Media Conglomerate

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“We're happy with the quality of work they provide. The internal stakeholders are satisfied by the fact that they don't need to micromanage Cambria Corporation throughout the project. They're particularly impressed with the team's approach to project management and their high level of understanding.”

Christopher Rickman
President, Peak Revenue Learning

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“I owe most of my success to Cambria’s work. Cambria Corporation’s efforts have been beneficial, demonstrated by a 10-year collaboration with the client. The team consists of flexible engineers and designers who follow well-documented processes and are able to deliver any project that is asked of them in a timely manner.”

David Phillips
President, Crypton Mobile

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Industries We Serve

We enable digital innovation through successful iOS deployments across industries:

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Platforms improving coordination, lowering transfers.

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Optimized R&D and clinical trial apps.

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Customization showcases raising lead gen.

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Immersive digital learning programs.

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Inventory control systems boosting accuracy.

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Real Estate

Property showcase and document signing iOS apps.

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Rapid prototyping for fast market validation.

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Advanced streaming platforms lowering subscriber churn.

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Financial Services

Engagement via apps tapping Apple Watch lowering payouts.

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Mobile field workforce collaboration and scheduling.

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