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Take Control of Software Testing

As a leader, thorough testing matters. But delays, bugs, and miscommunications put projects at risk. You dread each release, worried hidden defects lead to failure. There must be a better way to ensure rigorous testing affordably.

Meet our dedicated offshore QA teams - your trusted partners for bulletproof testing. Our highly trained engineers integrate into workflows, relentlessly preventing defects. Leveraging rigor honed over thousands of projects, we rapidly identify issues to avoid catastrophic post-release bugs. Our test automation frameworks execute robust regression testing on every build to quickly catch regressions. Our exploratory techniques uncover edge cases traditional scripted testing would miss.

Our flexible models scale as needs evolve. Whether you need to ramp up for a release or require niche skills, we rapidly staff up with qualified engineers. We can scale from an individual QA tester to a team of 5+ automation engineers in a couple of weeks to meet a deadline.



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Don't Let Gaps Derail Software Projects

Seamlessly integrate offshore QA to permanently resolve bottlenecks. Leverage our rigor to identify issues early and prevent bugs.

Complete coverage without breaking budget. Our teams extend your own to spotlight vulnerabilities. Centralized defects enable seamless prioritization and teamwork. Our automated and exploratory methods uncover more bugs than manual testing alone. For example, tools like Jira and qTest enable easy triage.

Rigorous testing is crucial, but delays and miscommunications endanger projects. Our experts eliminate bottlenecks so you ship faster.

A software development company overlooking an offshore QA facility to integrate testing and resolve bottlenecks early.

Overcome Bottlenecks, Ship Faster with Offshore QA Teams

Is your process riddled with delays, oversights, and poor communication that jeopardizes projects? Our dedicated offshore QA teams eliminate these bottlenecks so you ship faster without compromising quality. With rigorous planning and execution, we rapidly identify issues to prevent post-release bugs. With flexible resourcing, we scale teams to your needs, delivering complete coverage affordably.

For example, tools like Jira and qTest centralize defects, enabling seamless prioritization and collaboration. Our blend of manual, automated and exploratory testing uncovers more defects than manual scripted testing alone.

Stop dreading releases. Break free from QA obstacles and ship world-class software with offshore experts.

Get Offshore QA Tailored to Your Stack and Needs

Our offshore QA teams become an extension of your development team, providing complete coverage and insights into quality.

A project manager and developer collaborating at an offshore testing services center tailored to the client's needs.


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  • Quick Ramp Up
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  • Prevent Defects
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Cost-Effective Quality Assurance

software outsourcing

Offshore QA Facility

Our automated infrastructure and QA specialists ensure efficient software testing.

custom programming

Reduce Testing Costs

Outsource non-critical testing to our offshore teams for more affordable rates.

staff augmentation

Quick Ramp-Up QA

Leverage our offshore QA team for quick augmentation and scale of your testing resources.

Achieve Faster Cycles with Our Offshore QA Services

Reliable testing ensures releasing high quality software satisfies users and prevents costly defects. Leveraging dedicated offshore QA teams allows balancing cost, speed and comprehensive testing.

  • Reduced Testing Timelines. Reduce regression testing timelines where optimized automated suites accelerate execution along with manual software tests.

  • Optimized Velocity. Optimize velocity by removing bottlenecks around test environment provisioning and setup where our automation allows on-demand availability, improving productivity.

Our offshore QA services empower you to ship innovative software faster without compromising quality. Let us help you delight customers and accelerate growth through bulletproof testing. Our experts become an extension of your team, seamlessly delivering the expertise and coverage needed to release software confidently.

A programmer runs automated tests at an offshore QA facility to achieve faster release cycles without compromising quality.

What Our Clients Say

Eliminate software testing bottlenecks with our dedicated offshore QA teams.




Clutch Satisfaction Rating

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“Cambria Corporation is incredibly responsive, helpful, and accommodating. Cambria Corporation has delivered a responsive and easy-to-navigate site, which was well-received by visitors. The flexible, collaborative team exceeds expectations through their responsiveness, insightful recommendations, and ability to quickly fix issues and provide top-notch client support.”

Michael Goldstein
President & Founder, Study Wizards

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“They're always there when I need them, and they get things done when I need to get them done. With Cambria Corporation's help, the client has ensured that all of their applications are functioning smoothly — no outages or any issues. The team continues to ensure a seamless engagement by being very responsive and agile in terms of resolving the client's needs.”

Jeff Joll
President & Owner, State of the Art Systems

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“They helped move the project forward and overcome speed bumps. Cambria Corporation’s tool reduced the cost of validating certificates from $13–$15 per certificate to $.015, and it increased the accuracy from 60% to 98%. Their ability to transform an unfamiliar idea into a tangible product was impressive. Ultimately, they were dedicated to the project’s success.”

Kevin Mosby
Tax Director, Media Conglomerate

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“We're happy with the quality of work they provide. The internal stakeholders are satisfied by the fact that they don't need to micromanage Cambria Corporation throughout the project. They're particularly impressed with the team's approach to project management and their high level of understanding.”

Christopher Rickman
President, Peak Revenue Learning

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“I owe most of my success to Cambria’s work. Cambria Corporation’s efforts have been beneficial, demonstrated by a 10-year collaboration with the client. The team consists of flexible engineers and designers who follow well-documented processes and are able to deliver any project that is asked of them in a timely manner.”

David Phillips
President, Crypton Mobile

A client seeking software solutions as offshore testing specialists mitigate risks through rigorous QA processes.

Take the Risk Out of Software Testing

Inadequate testing can lead to catastrophic losses and damage trust. Our offshore specialists mitigate these dangers through rigorous processes and deep technical skills.

  • Integrating systems is a risk that can cause failures after release, destroying trust or triggering major losses. Partner with our specialists to strengthen assurance through careful planning and implementation to find issues early.

  • Extensive experience in different areas ensures wide coverage. For instance, our Selenium expertise accelerates automated testing for responsive web apps. Proven methods allow seamless integration while optimizing speed.

  • Our engineers work as an extension of your team to identify defects, verify functionality, and validate performance, reliability and security before problems surface.

With us as your trusted partner, you gain confidence to release software that delights customers and drives business results. Our preventative approach reduces defects and technical debt over time.

Our Offshore Software Testing Process

  1. 1

    Requirements Review

    Ensure test plans trace to specifications. We offer workshops to assist with test case development.

  2. 2

    Case Development

    Leverage templates and automation to accelerate. Our specialists focus on maximizing coverage.

  3. 3

    Environment Setup

    Simulation across versions, devices, regions. Our infrastructure enables complete environment replication.

  4. 4

    Test Execution

    Rigorous manual and automated validation. We re-execute all regression tests with each build.

  5. 5

    Defect Management

    Detailed reporting with root cause analysis. Our tools centralize defects for easy prioritization.

  6. 6


    Continual process improvement based on metrics. We target less than 1% production defect escape rate.

  7. 7


    Seamlessly transition acceptance testing. Our team assists with review, execution, and triage.

We Plug into Your Tech Stack

Our engineers seamlessly integrate with your stacks and tools, augmenting Agile processes. This allows end-to-end assistance, spotlighting defects across the cycle.

cambria software developers

Stop playing testing roulette!

Partner with our offshore QA specialists to implement proven processes for reliable, world-class software.

Continuous Testing Drives Better Software

Embedding QA throughout development reduces catastrophic defects and improves quality.

  • Inadequate coverage leads to defects reaching customers, destroying satisfaction and loyalty. Errors cost the US economy $2.08 trillion per year. Continuous testing is essential to prevent these outcomes.

  • Our offshore software testing services provide a comprehensive solution. By ramping up QA resources and incorporating testing into each phase, we identify problems early for fast resolution. Automated regression testing of each build detects regressions immediately, allowing quick fixes and maintaining stability. As a result, organizations release higher quality software at a faster pace.

  • Key benefits include minimized post-release defects through total coverage, accelerated release cycles while sustaining quality, lower expenses from finding and fixing bugs early, and delighting users with bug-free experiences that exceed expectations.

With continuous QA, testing need not slow progress. Leverage our offshore testing team expertise to gain an advantage over competitors and deliver innovations customers love.

A group of developers performing continuous testing at an offshore software testing facility to reduce defects.

Let Cambria Philippines build your Software!

  • Improve quality insurance with little delay.
  • Extensive knowledge in software testing.
  • Established QA processes.
  • Project management and communication between onsite and offshore teams.
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From Our Genuine Long-Term Partners

Accelerate Software Testing Through Offshore QA Teams

Software testing is essential but can strain internal resources if done solely in-house. Leveraging offshore QA services augments testing capabilities using proven processes that uncover bugs early when inexpensive to remedy.

For instance, offshore QA teams ensure compatibility across devices and browsers, guaranteeing smooth experiences anywhere. Around-the-clock testing from global locations hastens development cycles.

By verifying functionality, performance, security, and usability, offshore QA equips developers to deliver software excelling in the real world. Flexible resourcing models balance cost, speed, and quality suitably over time. Rather than guesswork, tap an offshore QA team dedicated to releasing innovative, user-loved software.

A software development company with offshore QA teams accelerating testing capabilities and hastening development cycles.

Measuring Success with Offshore Software Testing Services

Project manager reviewing metrics like post-release defects to refine procedures for better, timelier deliverables.

To effectively manage offshore QA resources, track key performance indicators over several releases.

  • Post-Release Defects. Software bugs discovered after launch can undermine quality assurance efforts. Tracking defects uncovered in production enables optimizing the software testing process to improve coverage and identify less than 1% post-release issues.

  • Faster time-to-market. Faster time-to-market while preserving quality is critical for software development competitiveness. Leveraging offshore software testing teams allows some clients to achieve quicker release cycles.

  • Client satisfaction. The ultimate goal of quality assurance is delighting users. Gathering feedback through ratings and sentiment analysis shows our clients see satisfaction rise up to 45% after ramping up offshore QA resources.

Client satisfaction. The ultimate goal of quality assurance is delighting users. Gathering feedback through ratings and sentiment analysis shows our clients see satisfaction rise up to 45% after ramping up offshore QA resources.

Carefully Consider Offshoring Software Testing

Offshore software testing can provide scalability and savings, but choosing the right partner is key. These factors matter most:

  • Look for a provider with deep experience in your technologies and domain. With over four decades in business, our offshore QA teams have worked on hundreds of projects spanning various tech stacks.

  • Transparency and close collaboration are critical for remote work. We utilize tools like Jira, Slack, daily standups and video calls to ensure clear coordination between onshore and offshore teams.

  • Structured processes and proven best practices drive quality and efficiency. Our quality management system guarantees adherence to rigorous methodology and documentation standards.

A reputable and experienced offshore testing partner can help deliver quality software on schedule and budget. Let us demonstrate how our testing services, QA teams and software testing process can quickly ramp-up resources and accelerate your project's success.

Client carefully evaluating experience and processes when choosing an offshore software testing partner.

Portfolio Showcasing Innovations

Our portfolio showcases solutions delivered with precision quality assurance across industries.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

How quickly can you ramp up testing for our projects?

With our deep bench, we staff teams in days. Our average ramp up is just weeks.

Our experts stay current on leading technologies like Selenium and Appium. We executed hundreds of automated test cases.

With daily standups, real-time tools, and tracking, our distributed teams function as one. We utilize conferencing, chat, and project management for coordination.

Our scalable model adjusts to evolving requirements. We can ramp teams up within weeks.

Processes, expertise, and metrics, ensure we deliver excellence. Our target of <1% defect escape rate demonstrates our rigor.

Industries We Serve

Companies of All Types Trust Us to Drive Their Digital Future

healthcare icon


Testing for secure, compliant apps and devices. We ensure HIPAA, HITECH compliance per regulations.

pharmaceutical icon


We create portals that ensure compliance and build adverse event software.

manufacturing icon


Testing reliable, resilient apps. We utilize simulated test beds to validate smart device performance.

education icon


We create immersive digital learning experiences and streamline school administration.

shipping logistic icon


QA for complex supply chain. We validate warehouse, transportation, delivery software perform under load.

real estate icon

Real Estate

We modernize legacy property management systems and build online listing and transaction platforms.

startups icon


Lean resourcing to validate and iterate MVPs. Our scalable teams align capacity to agile needs.

media icon


Testing for flawless streaming experiences. We verify UX across diverse devices and platforms.

financial service icon

Financial Services

Ensure performance, data integrity, and security. Our expertise in compliance delivers assurance.

construction icon


We optimize schedules, materials ordering, and equipment tracking with mobile solutions.