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Can't keep up with software development demands? Skilled Resources?

Imagine accessing top Filipino talent at half the typical Silicon Valley rates.

What if we told you there was an easier, more budget-friendly way to scale your tech team?

According to U.S. News, the median software developer in the United States earns $120,730 per year which comes out to $60.37 per hour. When you factor in employment taxes, benefits, HR overhead and other costs, the real price can be 20-30% higher.

For bootstrapped startups or small businesses on a budget, paying those high Silicon Valley rates may not be possible. This can lead to delays in projects and hinder innovation.

That's where Cambria Software comes in. We offer an alternative solution - access to the top tech talent in the Philippines at a fraction of the cost. These developers have 5-10 years of experience and only charge $10-20 per hour.



credibility on executing successful projects


Years of

years of experience for almost four decades

Why Outsourcing Software Seems Risky

By leveraging offshore talent, you can finally build your development team within your budget. Outsourcing allows you to bring your ideas to life quickly and cost-effectively.

We know outsourcing can be a bit questionable. You don't want to trust your project with strangers in another country. What if there are communication issues or missed deadlines? We understand your concerns. Many companies treat outsourcing like fast food and end up with poor results.

However, successful outsourcing requires a real partnership and trust. And that's what sets us apart.

Our Filipino developers become a part of your team. We maintain constant communication to ensure smooth collaboration and quick adjustments. We are dedicated to your goals and timelines, providing daily progress updates.

When you're with Cambria Software, offshoring stops feeling risky. It just clicks.

Our rigorous process ensures you receive high-quality solutions on time and on budget.

Cambria developers reviewing code intently, showing how seamlessly Cambria teams collaborate.


  • Expert developers
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  • U.S. timezone collaboration
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  • Tailored solutions
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  • Agile and Scrum training
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  • Robust cybersecurity
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  • Reduced cost
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  • Fast recruiting and scaling
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  • Drive innovation and growth
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  • Peace of mind and transparency
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  • Expedited time-to-market
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We Offer Tailored Staff Augmentation Solutions To Help You

software outsourcing

Web Apps

We build feature-rich web apps using React, Angular, Node.js and other cutting-edge frameworks.

custom programming

E-commerce Sites

We craft custom storefronts optimized for sales using proven solutions.

staff augmentation

Mobile Apps

We create amazing iOS and Android apps with React Native, Kotlin, Swift, and more.

Why Companies Trust Cambria Software

Cambria Software has a proven track record of success stories.

  • We've helped clients build everything from custom CRMs to payment systems to logistics platforms. We adhere to project timelines rigorously.

  • With an average team size of 3-5 developers per engagement, our collective expertise is unmatched.

  • We've tackled different programming langauges and emerging technologies. No project is too complex.

Once clients start working with us, they rarely leave. Our focus on long-term success and seamless integration keeps them coming back.

Whiteboard with technical diagrams, user flows, and database representing custom solutions for clients.

What Our Clients Say

Here are some unsolicited testimonials from our clients.




Clutch Satisfaction Rating

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“Cambria Corporation is incredibly responsive, helpful, and accommodating. Cambria Corporation has delivered a responsive and easy-to-navigate site, which was well-received by visitors. The flexible, collaborative team exceeds expectations through their responsiveness, insightful recommendations, and ability to quickly fix issues and provide top-notch client support.”

Michael Goldstein
President & Founder, Study Wizards

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“They're always there when I need them, and they get things done when I need to get them done. With Cambria Corporation's help, the client has ensured that all of their applications are functioning smoothly — no outages or any issues. The team continues to ensure a seamless engagement by being very responsive and agile in terms of resolving the client's needs.”

Jeff Joll
President & Owner, State of the Art Systems

icon quotation

“They helped move the project forward and overcome speed bumps. Cambria Corporation’s tool reduced the cost of validating certificates from $13–$15 per certificate to $.015, and it increased the accuracy from 60% to 98%. Their ability to transform an unfamiliar idea into a tangible product was impressive. Ultimately, they were dedicated to the project’s success.”

Kevin Mosby
Tax Director, Media Conglomerate

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“We're happy with the quality of work they provide. The internal stakeholders are satisfied by the fact that they don't need to micromanage Cambria Corporation throughout the project. They're particularly impressed with the team's approach to project management and their high level of understanding.”

Christopher Rickman
President, Peak Revenue Learning

icon quotation

“I owe most of my success to Cambria’s work. Cambria Corporation’s efforts have been beneficial, demonstrated by a 10-year collaboration with the client. The team consists of flexible engineers and designers who follow well-documented processes and are able to deliver any project that is asked of them in a timely manner.”

David Phillips
President, Crypton Mobile

End-to-End Software Development Journey

From initial vision to sustained support, our process ensures tailored solutions,
seamless integration, and reliable deployment.

  1. 1


    We learn about your business and recommend the best approach.

  2. 2


    We gather detailed specifications through interviews, user research, and technical scoping.

  3. 3


    Based on our discovery findings, we create wireframes and prototypes.

  4. 4


    Our Filipino developers build your software iteratively using Agile sprints.

  5. 5


    We thoroughly test your software through unit and integration testing, UAT, and bug fixing.

  6. 6


    To ensure your team can maintain applications post-launch, we provide knowledge transfer sessions.

  7. 7


    We assist your team with deployment, documentation, and launch support to ensure a smooth go-live.

We Integrate with Your Existing Systems

Our teams integrate into your IT environment, tools, and protocols. We support virtually every technology and can build, connect, or modernize systems using preferred:

cambria software developers

Let's Partner For Growth!

Our rigorous process and great support means we stand behind our work 100%.

Offshoring Through us Lets you Achieve your Software Goals

You can build your entire Filipino development team in 4-6 weeks. No more struggling to recruit rare skills locally. No risky contracts or unpredictable costs.

Cambria developers in a meeting room, white-boarding architecture plans for a complex enterprise application.
  • We'll match you with top talent from our Philippines network for fast, low-risk scaling.

  • Our developers will blend into your team seamlessly but at a fraction of Silicon Valley rates.

The comfort of home meets the global talent pool. It's the best of both worlds.

Bring Your Software To Life With An Outsourced Philippine Team!

  • Faster launches by increasing your velocity.
  • Next-level innovation through diverse insights.
  • Improved productivity as your team focuses on high-value work.
  • Higher-quality code and products.
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2565+ Projects

From Almost every Industry

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40+ Years Perfecting Software Delivery

Smooth Collaboration Guaranteed

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207+ Top Talent

Rigorous Recruitment and Constant Upskilling

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4.3/5 Clutch Satisfaction Rating

From Our Genuine Long-Term Partners

Why Cambria Software Is The Top Choice

What makes us different? Our passion for your success. We're invested in helping you reach new heights.

  • Perfecting offshoring in the Philippines since 2007.

  • Recruitment for top software development talent.

  • Project managers for seamless communication.

  • We exceed expectations, not just meet them.

  • No hidden fees or surprise charges, ever.

Our meticulous process and phenomenal support is why we stand behind our work 100%. We're not just another outsourcer - we're your partner in growth.

Cambria's rich talent pool showcasing expertise, flexibility and results

4 Reasons To Choose Us

An image with an upward arrow indicating growth and unlimited potential through Philippine outsourcing.

We thoroughly vet candidates through code testing, technical interviews, soft skills evaluation and more. Only the absolute best make it through. Our clients constantly rave about our developers.

  • Top Filipino developers. We source candidates through open networks and conferences.

  • Project management. Your project manager will be there for communication, and maintaining timelines.

  • Software that exceed expectations. We build what you need, not just what you asked for.

  • Team scaling. Scale your team up and down as needs change.

We don't just deliver technically sound code. We deliver software that solves real problems and delights users. Your goals become our obsession.

The Philippines is a Top Outsourcing Place for Good Reasons

The Philippines has emerged as a top destination for software outsourcing - and for good reason. Here's why it should be your first choice as well:

The Philippines offers a compelling package for companies seeking software outsourcing, with its English proficiency, abundant talent pool, cost-effectiveness, and youthful workforce. Consider the Philippines as your top choice for software outsourcing and experience the benefits it has to offer.

Cambria software employees posing to welcome software outsourcing to the Philippines.

Portfolio Showcasing Innovations

We've delivered transformative solutions for companies across diverse industries.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

How do you vet developers?

We thoroughly vet through code tests, technical interviews, soft skills reviews, and more. We rigorously profile and evaluate technical talent.

Absolutely. We regularly sign non-disclosure agreements to protect sensitive client information and IP.

We'll replace them with an appropriate alternative at no added cost. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Pricing is customized based on your needs, team size, and project details. Our rates are very competitive compared to U.S. salaries.

Yes, you can interview as many candidates as needed to find the perfect fit before onboarding anyone onto your team.

Industries We Serve

Companies of All Types Trust Us to Drive Their Digital Future

healthcare icon


Skilled offshore developers to improve patient outcomes.

pharmaceutical icon


HIPAA compliant software solutions you can trust.

manufacturing icon


Custom apps to maximize efficiency.

education icon


Intuitive edtech platforms for learning.

shipping logistic icon


Optimized delivery integrations and inventory management.

real estate icon

Real Estate

Digital experiences for brokers and buyers.

startups icon


Scalable apps to turn visions into reality.

media icon


Custom data pipelines and data analytics tools.

financial service icon

Financial Services

Secure fintech innovation.

construction icon


Scheduling and field management solutions.

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