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Augment your existing team with top Filipino talent.

IT Staff Augmentation


Expand your team with offshore talent with the help of Cambria Philippines. We offer a fully customizable staff augmentation service where the client has as much or as little control over the process as their needs demand. We will help build a team of offshore programmers that are 100% committed to the client, which is in effect an “extension” of the clients own staff and can be fully incorporated into an existing company architecture and culture. Save money on overhead and take advantage of a large and eager hiring pool at a fraction of what it would cost to hire locally.

What is Staff Augmentation?


Staff augmentation is an outsourcing method used to staff a project while meeting corporate objectives. The approach entails assessing existing personnel and deciding which new skills are necessary. Staff augmentation is when a software company hires engineers from outside sources, generally on a time-and-materials basis.

A software company's department recruiting extra resources to work on a project with existing perosonnel and augmented staff.

Staff Augmentation vs Managed Services

Staff augmentation is a method of contracting out certain activities and services. The managed services approach assigns a third-party provider to handle the full problem and solution. The primary distinction between the two models is that in a managed services model, the provider is committed to producing an output at a certain price, whereas in a staff augmentation approach, the provider is committed to supplying an input.

Staff augmentation refers to the process of extending an existing department by recruiting extra resources to work on a project. It is a sort of temporary job that will cease when the case is completed. Businesses select this type of collaboration when they do not need to hire someone on a long-term basis.

Cambria - Your Preferred Staff
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Cambria has provided custom software solutions since 1984, and have grown to recognize that our main talent isn’t just in programming, but in hiring, supervising, and managing large and disparate projects. Our main strength is our flexibility, and we are willing and eager to adapt to our client’s specific needs.

Our core principle is that our client has as much control over the project as they desire, whether that means micromanaging the smallest details or leaving much of it to us. This is a fully customized experience, examples of this include;

Custom software and app solutions provided by programmers contracted through the staff augmentation model.
  • Hiring Process

    Our clients can participate in the hiring process at every stage through video conference calls, or can simply outline what skills they are looking for in an employee for and greenlight our final recommendations.

  • Control of Price

    Our clients can specify minimum and maximum salary rates for new hires, or be presented with different options for new hiring prospects.

  • Raises and Benefits

    Control costs by specifying your company policy for raises, vacations, insurance, and other benefits to keep your offshore talent in line with your onshore culture. We are always happy to advise if needed.

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Cambria offers two types of programming services: Statement of Work projects, and Staff Augmentation.

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Staff Augmentation Market Size


According to the most recent Gartner, Inc. projection, global IT investment would exceed $4.2 trillion in 2021, an increase of 8.6 percent from 2020. The IT services category is one of the top three fastest growing categories for 2021, owing to an increase in infrastructure-as-a-service investment, which supports mission essential workloads while avoiding expensive on-premises expenses. The IT services industry is expected to be worth $1.2 trillion in 2021, a 9.8 percent growth from 2020.

As a result, we know that the industry is expanding and that you should take advantage of outsourcing your software development needs.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

Reduced costs
Hiring staff supplements current team with specialized developers to save money on salary, benefits, and other expenditures.

Hiring full-time staff for the sole purpose of working on a single project wastes time, money, and effort. Instead, businesses can supplement current teams with specialized developers who will only be contracted for a limited time. This saves money on salary, benefits, and other expenditures involved with hiring someone full-time who may or may not have the necessary expertise to work on a given project.

Staff augmentation allows businesses to employ for the short-term, urgent, and particular requirements of the business without sacrificing the quality of people they bring on board.

Short-term projects are great for temporary workers who just need to work a certain number of hours. Staff augmentation services then allow businesses to employ based on certain competencies. This provides organizations with skilled expertise at a fraction of the expense of engaging a full-time salaried specialist.

Companies can identify the capabilities or areas where their permanent personnel require assistance and design their staff augmentation to meet those needs. It keeps businesses in control and expenses down.

Staff augmentation enables you to grow your personnel at a minimal cost. Companies may expand their business quicker than if they hired additional full-time employees by lowering expenses while still recruiting top personnel for specialized projects. In most sectors, the amount of a company's workload fluctuates. On a project-by-project basis, temporary employment is the ideal choice for handling existing and incoming needs. This entails taking on additional work without losing the quality of your output.

A company with ongoing initiatives can benefit from the perspective of an external developer. External workers can make suggestions for improvements to projects or procedures that regular staff may be too engaged in their work to notice. This could boost productivity and creativity in the workplace.

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Our Staff Augmentation Process


Staff augmentation is an outsourcing method used to staff a project while meeting corporate objectives. The approach entails assessing existing personnel and deciding which new skills are necessary.

timeline icon Determination of needs

The first step you must take before beginning your search for software developers is to decide what technical skills you require. You must provide the amount of resources you intend to hire. You must also establish the applicant specifications, which include, among other things, qualifications, competence, and years of experience.

timeline icon Research provider's local and global market reach

To obtain access to top-tier software developers all over the world, you should work with a staff augmentation company that already has the contacts, experience, and infrastructure in place to search, hire, and manage remote personnel — regardless of location — as your project mandates or demands.

timeline icon Check provider's established communication protocols

Look for a staff augmentation company with well-defined communication procedures that will keep project managers and augmented employees connected and able to receive project updates on a consistent basis, regardless of location or time zone.

timeline icon Verify provider's commitment to security

By confirming your staff augmentation company's commitment to security, you can increase your workforce and construct extremely powerful dispersed software development teams while protecting your important data and intellectual property.

timeline icon Selection of candidates

Once you've identified your requirements and selected your preferred software development company for your IT needs, the following step is to begin the search. Find and evaluate all of the applicants who meet your standards. Conduct interviews and testing to verify that all software engineers are qualified to join the team.

timeline icon Onboarding and integration

During the onboarding process, you must guarantee that you give complete assistance for your new workers' effective integration. You must guarantee that all new software engineers understand your company's brand, operations, regulations, and values. You must make certain that they are properly incorporated into your process.

timeline icon Continuous support

Once the integration process is complete, you must continue to provide continuous assistance to your new employees. To guarantee successful and efficient cooperation, you must also solicit input and build strong connections with them.

Why choose the Philippines when hiring programmers?


The Philippines is an obvious choice when it comes to augmenting your in-house software development staff. Aside from the warmth and politeness with which visitors are greeted at every step, the Philippines has the following advantages as your preferred country for staff augmentation:

The Philippines is an obvious choice when it comes to augmenting your in-house software development staff. Aside from the warmth and politeness with which visitors are greeted at every step, the Philippines has the following advantages as your preferred country for staff augmentation:

Candidate selection from the Philippines to augment the in-house software development staff of a company.

High-quality labor and resources

The Philippines has a large pool of adaptable software developers. One of the most significant advantages the Philippines has over any other nation offering software development services is its manpower.

With higher education as a priority, the country's literacy rate is 94.6 percent, ranking among the best in the world. Because English is taught in all schools, the Philippines is the world's third largest English-speaking country. Every year, around 350,000 graduates add to the professional pool.


When dealing with outsourced talent, considering the time zone difference is important because it can limit the available window of communication. Cambria operates in the Philippines, which is +12:00 hours from the East Coast United States which allows a window in the morning and evening of every working day.

However during the hiring process we can always specify a preference for morning and evening shifts to match with your business’s schedule. Astronomy projects never stop because there is always someone working on the other side of the earth, so why should the sun set on your project?


Communication is the most important factor in the efficiency of any business, and can be a major source of worry when dealing with a foreign country.

Here in the Philippines English is taught as a primary and official language, and mostly everyone who studies programming in university will be completely fluent in American-style English. There has been a strong and respected American cultural influence in the Philippines for over 100 years, and every member of our team is fluent in English.

Work Culture

Every country has their own individual working culture. The Philippines place great value on respect, on warmth, and on hard work. It is a national etiquette that you find reflected in business and individual personalities, where everything is done with friendliness and respect.

Affordable Services

For a variety of reasons, companies find that outsourcing is a more cost-effective option. Working with expert programmers means you're simply paying for our services, not the usual expenses connected with in-house personnel, such as sick leave, hardware, rent, software, training, and so on.

Simplicity of Scaling

Additional work can be outsourced to our offices in California and the Philippines if your project requires a little extra expertise or resources. You will be able to respond to changes as they arise and take action to address them in a timely manner.

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