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Visual FoxPro Conversion Services

We understand that each scenario is unique. Let us examine your particular Visual FoxPro migration requirements and determine the best line of action.

Visual FoxPro to Access Conversion

Convert your Visual FoxPro data into Microsoft Access database and recreate your forms and reports.

Visual FoxPro to ASP.NET Migration

Extract information from forms, files, and databases using custom programming to personalize your ASP.NET conversion.

Visual FoxPro Consulting Services

Cambria offers Visual FoxPro consulting support, and maintenance services to help you in selecting the right migration strategy for FoxPro apps.

Visual FoxPro to C#.NET Conversion

Convert your Visual FoxPro to C# by implementing business logic effectively in a C#.NET application.

FoxPro Database Migration

Migrate your legacy FoxPro database to newer database management systems with our FoxPro database migration services.

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Our strategy is simple. Outstanding programmers do not need middle managers or elaborate QC controls. And our clients deal directly with the programmer.

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Our Visual FoxPro Migration Process

Cambria developers planning the various conversion functions that are necessary for a Visual FoxPro migration project.

Most Visual FoxPro conversion projects are best addressed with a well-thought-out plan that includes the following:

  1. Documenting your current system.

  2. Understanding the various conversion functions that are necessary.

  3. Choosing the optimal conversion technique for your application.

  4. Putting the strategy into action correctly.

Visual FoxPro Programmers

Cambria programmers converting an old Visual FoxPro program to ASP.NET in a controlled migration environment.

Cambria specializes in controlled migrations of Visual FoxPro to ASP.NET web applications. We have a track record of successfully converting old Visual FoxPro programs to ASP.NET.

Visual FoxPro offers strong COM compatibility with ASP.NET components, which makes it simple to create ASP.NET web applications. Cambria extracts information from forms, files, and databases using custom programming and allows you to personalize the transformation.

Visual FoxPro and C# are not in any manner compatible for an automated conversion or migration. Converting Visual FoxPro to C# is done correctly by implementing business logic in a C#.NET application.

Cambria programmers creating ASP.NET web apps from Visual FoxPro using COM compatibility to extract information.
Cambria programmers converting Visual FoxPro to C# by implementing a business logic in a C#.NET app to meet business demands.

This can be accomplished through the use of the same interface as the legacy program or through a complete rewrite, giving organizations the freedom to upgrade their apps to meet specific business demands.

Cambria's .NET programmers are experts in C#.NET application development.


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