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SQL Server Database Solutions

Cambria is an experienced SQL server database development company that provides a wide range of custom programming services to ensure efficient data administration and storage.

What is SQL server?


Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system. It is a database server that stores and retrieves data as required by other software programs, which can operate on the same computer or on another computer over a network.

Our SQL Server Database Services

  • SQL Server Database Architecture

    Create a scalable database architecture and design that allows for the mobility of data determined by your business objectives and software requirements with our SQL Database Architecture services.

  • SQL Server Database Tuning

    Deconstruct your SQL database schemas and analyze their viability to discover design problems in denormalized tables with our SQL Database Tuning services.

  • SQL Server Outsourcing Services

    Outsource your SQL server and database company needs to us and you'll get expert programming services to turn your data into usable information.

  • SQL Server Application Development

    Create reliable enterprise software solutions to consolidate, store, retrieve, and evaluate data from a Microsoft SQL Server database.

  • SQL Server Staff Augmentation Services

    Our staff augmentation services bring senior-level experience to your day-to-day work for SQL Server database development without hiring full-time employees to deal with short-term issues.

  • SQL Server Security

    Create and execute an effective security plan in your SQL server by enabling security, encryption, and authentication with our SQL server security services.

  • SQL Server Business Intelligence

    Transform raw data into information that your company can use to make business decisions with our SQL server business intelligence services.

  • SQL Server Custom Programming

    Create predictive, data-driven apps in your chosen programming languages, platforms, and environments, with our custom programming services using Microsoft data platform and SQL developer tools.

  • SQL Server Enterprise Services

    Build your company's next scalable e-commerce, line-of-business, and data warehousing software solutions in record time with our SQL server enterprise services.

Benefits of Using SQL Server for Database Development

Developers using Microsoft SQL's user-friendly graphical interface to reduce manual workloads during database monitoring.
Simple to Set Up

Microsoft SQL is easy to use and can be installed via setup wizard.

Unlike other database servers, which require extensive command-line configuration, it comes with a user-friendly graphical interface. Automatic updates are downloaded by the installation wizard automatically, reducing manual workloads.

MS SQL Server is available in a variety of versions to meet the demands of companies, as well as domestic and offshore customers.

The features and pricing ranges of different versions vary. As a result, companies can select the version that best meets their operating requirements.

Microsoft SQL Server includes a range of tools to help restore and recover lost or damaged data.

The core component of the SQL database and Database Engine controls data storage and queries of the users. Large companies commonly use these facilities of SQL Server.

The SQL server is set up to boot on the persistent disk, which is mounted on the C drive.

Having an extra or secondary SSD persistent disk aids in the storage of log files and important business data, ensuring that it stays safe even if the user deletes the instances.

Tables and indexes can be compressed to improve system speed and performance.

The technique takes only a few CPU cycles to compress the data. Index compressions remove duplicate copies of a certain number of indexes from cache and disk. This helps to reduce the amount of free disk space required to read and write larger blocks.

Database monitoring aids in the detection of performance difficulties, application issues, device issues, and other concerns.

Users can adjust particular information they need to watch by using data collecting capabilities provided by sophisticated monitoring systems. It is best to make an informed decision while keeping in mind the business requirements, budget, and features that a company is more likely to employ.

A strong backup aids in the restoration and recovery of your important company data.

It also safeguards crucial corporate data against unexpected database updates. Don't use a lot of persistent disk space when doing frequent database backups. Instead, utilize a local SSD for backups that can be sent to the cloud.

Using a defragmentation procedure on a regular basis assists in the reorganization of indexes on heavily changed tables.

Fragmented indexes can degrade the performance of the database and the queries that use it. Programmers can execute a T-SQL script on the database to collect data from the number of indexes on updated tables and their fragmentation percentage.

The SQL Server database is extremely secure and employs advanced encryption methods that make it nearly hard to breach the security levels.

SQL Server is a commercial relational database that includes extra security measures to lower the possibility of attack.

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Why Choose Cambria as Your SQL Server Database Development Company?


We build Customized Database Solutions

We build a wide range of customized database software solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries. We employ our expertise with a variety of technologies and software systems to create a custom database that is tailored to your specific needs.

Cambria SQL database developers building a wide range of customized database software solutions for businesses.

We can design custom fields to assist you in collecting and organizing your data that will allow you to obtain valuable business insight.

We create SQL Relational Database Solutions

We create accurate data structures and indexes for improved data organization and integrity. We ensure data consistency across multiple networks, databases, and software applications.

Cambria SQL database developers creating accurate data structures and indexes for improved data organization and integrity.

Our autonomous databases, which can complete automated backups, updates, security measures, and other routine tasks, allow you to reduce your manual effort. We also verify that your database can accommodate several users and operations at the same time. To keep your data safe and consistent, we use high-level security solutions in our database architecture.

We develop NoSQL Non-Relational Database Solutions

We develop non-relational databases for enterprises that demand flexible and scalable database solutions for storing and managing massive data. We assist you in expanding your database to get more flexibility and room for new data.

Cambria developers building non-relational databases for enterprises that demand scalable solutions for managing big data.

Our development methodology assures that your database can collect and store large volumes of data while still performing well. Our solutions provide you complete control over the data, editing, and updating features. We offer a solution that is fast, secure, and dependable.

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