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PHP is a popular programming language for software development. Cambria, with expertise in PHP and custom programming, creates stable, secure, and scalable PHP-based Web Applications and Mobile Apps.

Custom PHP Web Apps

Have an idea for a Web Application or a Website? All we need is an outline, also called Meta-Code, for what you envision your web app to look like and our talented programmers can bring your idea to life.

Whether you need something simple and elegant, or robust and complex, we will work hard to earn your satisfaction.

Custom PHP-based eCommerce

There are many pre-packaged ways to set up eCommerce functionality, but none of them will have your business’s specific needs in mind.

If you need to make sure that your eCommerce platform is fully optimized and fits perfectly with your website the best way is a custom PHP based solution.

Custom PHP-based CMS

We have programmers on staff who are fluent in some of the most popular PHP Frameworks including WordPress. If PHP is the most popular language for websites, then WordPress is the most popular PHP Framework.

It can be useful to most people right out of the box, but nothing beats the performance and optimization an expert can bring to a custom web app.

Custom PHP Mobile Apps

PHP Mobile Apps have the same advantages as PHP-based Web Applications. Zend is the preferred PHP platform for mobile app development.

The Zend Framework is used by PHP developers to construct both the backend and the interface of a PHP-based mobile app at the same time. Zend makes mobile app development easier by integrating the whole backend and UI at the same time.

PHP-based App Support and Maintenance

All statement-of-work projects end, but when they do we will always be available for maintenance and regular support.

Our friendly and helpful attitude will always be eager to help whenever an issue arises, a bug, or whenever you want to upgrade and add new functionality. Cambria will always stand by you.

Tools our PHP Developers Use


Frameworks and IDEs simplify the development of PHP applications. Cambria is an expert in utilizing the following PHP Development Tools.

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Why is PHP Web Development right for you?


Why Should You Hire Cambria for PHP Software Outsourcing?

Cambria offering PHP software outsourcing services to build a customized PHP web development application for your business.

Cambria offers fully customized PHP web development services. We pride ourselves on being just as flexible and dependable as the PHP scripting language, and will be able to find solutions to any problem your business demands answered.

We have an extensive staff of professional programmers who have expertise in most major technologies to complement your PHP Web App.

Cambria professional PHP programmers, who have expertise in most major technologies, meeting to improve your PHP Web App.

We can guide you through all aspects of website development, including programming, visual design, architecture planning, testing, performance optimization, hosting, and post-implementation maintenance.

Outsource PHP Programming
to the Philippines

Cambria has been developing affordable custom software since 1984 where it was born in the heart of Silicon Valley. We have seen software languages come into fashion only to be replaced. We have seen the cost of programmers rise to the point where we decided to set up shop in the Philippines to continue to deliver cost-effective software solutions to small and large businesses.

Programming Projects Completed

We have seen it all. We have solved complicated problems and we have produced elegant code, and there is no doubt that we can tackle whatever challenges your business throws at us.

Cambria in the USA and the Philippines continue to deliver cost-effective software solutions to small and large businesses.
Cambria PHP developers pausing for a photo after producing elegant code to solve a complicated problem.

The Philippines is a wonderful country to partner with. Our programmers in Makati City are not only highly talented programmers, they are fluent in American-style english.

The Philippines has a long and very special relationship with the United States, and English is taught as an official language, so of all the countries to outsource to none can beat the fluency and hospitality of the Philippines.

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