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The .NET Framework is used to develop .NET applications in C#, ASP.NET, or Visual Basic. Cambria, with expertise in the .NET platform and other Microsoft technologies, creates quick, scalable, and dependable .NET-based apps.

.NET Consulting Services

Cambria is a .NET development company providing public and private sector clients with consulting and managed IT services.

.NET Web App Development

Cambria's .NET web programmers design and develop cost-effective applications that align with your goals and requirements. We provide custom and affordable .NET web development services to a wide range of business areas.

.NET Outsourcing Services

We provide a blended strategy of competency levels as a .NET software development outsourcing company to assist you in managing your expenses by using relevant .NET skills for your project.

.NET Mobile App Development

Cambria creates mobile .NET apps for iOS, Android, and Windows. We provide customized .NET mobile development services to match your software goals and specifications.

.NET Developer Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation helps to grow your software development team by employing skilled .NET developers for your project.

.NET Desktop Application Development

Cambria's expert .NET developers enable us to offer Microsoft Windows platform solutions for developing a WPF desktop program or custom desktop software for your company.

.NET Custom Programming Services

With our .NET custom programming services, you can create mobile, web, and desktop applications that are tailored to your company's needs.

.NET E-commerce Development

Drive new online revenue with our .NET e-commerce services to build a modern unified architecture for your visitors' secure and easy shopping experience.

.NET Maintenance and Support

We offer a full range of .NET maintenance and support services, including software product modification, fault rectification, and software performance optimization.

Tools our .NET Developers Use


The .NET ecosystem provides a number of tools to help in software development.

.NET 5 & 6

    Microsoft's next generation of the .NET ecosystem. .NET 5 & 6 unify the .NET platforms and do not require several implementations.

.NET Core

    .NET Core is a total rewrite of the .NET standards with cross-platform compatibility in mind. .NET Core requires different implementations when used with the .NET Standard.

.NET Framework

    .NET Framework is a Microsoft technology exclusively available for Windows. It supports building Windows apps and web services.

Cross-platform Development

  • Xamarin.Forms
  • Xamarin.Forms XAML UI Development
  • Xamarin.Essentials
  • .NET Standard

Mobile Development

  • Android (Xamarin)
  • iOS (Xamarin)

Desktop Development

  • UWP
  • UWP XAML UI Development
  • WPF
  • WPF XAML UI Development
  • Windows Forms
  • Console Apps
  • macOS (Xamarin)


  • MVC
  • Razor Pages
  • Blazor
  • Web API
  • Realtime (SignalR)
  • Security

ASP.NET (Classic)

  • Web API
  • Single Page Application
  • Web Forms
  • Web Pages
  • MVC
  • AJAX
  • SignalR

Why Use .NET for Your Custom Software Development?


.NET allows you to reuse code and components, saving time and money on development.

The latest version of Microsoft's Visual Studio provides all the tools needed to create, test, and publish software for all platforms, including Android and iOS.

The .NET ecosystem added a huge class library known as .NET Standard. This is used to interface with common functions like graphics rendering and database interaction.

.NET's Cache class allows for custom cache implementation to enhance the speed and scalability of Windows client and server applications.

Your code will execute on all supported operating systems. This allows you to reach out to multiple platforms while remaining inside the.NET ecosystem.

Roslyn and RyuJIT provide comprehensive code analysis to improve the quality of the machine code generated.

.NET has a community that can be reached for idea exchange.

Web pages and programs are closely monitored in ASP.NET. This guarantees that .NET programs are more stable and transparent.

Modular .NET programs can be deployed as part of your existing software or as a standalone installation.

The switch to .NET Core allows for cross-platform application development and performance improvements.

Start building your software with us!


Our strategy is simple. Outstanding programmers do not need middle managers or elaborate QC controls. And our clients deal directly with the programmer.

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Why Should You Hire Cambria for .NET Software Outsourcing?

Cambria providing full-service .NET software development outsourcing to build customized .NET applications for your business.

Cambria is a seasoned .NET application development company. With 38 years of custom software development experience, we provide full-service .NET development that can bring your idea to life.

Our experience in utilizing sophisticated .NET platform capability results in quicker development times, reduced costs, and high-quality products. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire us:

Cambria's team of competent Microsoft .NET programmers creating custom .NET solutions on both the front-end and back-end.
  • Experienced .NET Developers

    We are a team of highly competent .NET programmers with vast expertise in developing custom .NET applications for a wide range of corporate areas, including healthcare, logistics, and finance among others.

  • Certified Developers

    We have qualifications in the creation of custom .NET solutions on both the front-end and back-end. For customers all across the world, our .NET team delivers best development techniques and proven development procedures.

  • Quality Programs

    Cambria is a team of qualified Microsoft .NET developers who use the .NET framework to provide competitive and result-oriented solutions.

  • Clear Communication

    Cambria .NET programmers speak English fluently. To understand your company needs, we can communicate in a simple and straightforward manner.

Outsource .NET Programming to the Philippines


Founded in California, Cambria is a 38-year-old company with operations mostly based in Makati, Metro Manila in the Philippines. We can assist you in selecting the correct technologies for your .NET-based application or in resolving technical issues with an existing program capable of running on all platforms.

    .NET Software Outsourcing

    Cambria offers outsourced .NET development projects to the Philippines to build applications running on all platforms.

    Cambria is an excellent choice for your .NET development projects. You will be assigned a dedicated .NET development team from the Philippines that has extensive expertise with outsourced .NET development projects.

    .NET Staff Augmentation

    Cambria offers hiring experienced .NET developers to augment your staff by providing the necessary .NET knowledge.

    Hiring our highly experienced .NET developers will help you augment your team and accelerate your product launch by providing the necessary .NET knowledge. Our .NET experts for hire in the Philippines also have project management and custom programming skills.


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