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My Little Adventures
My Little Adventures of BPO Resono Inc. Transport young children into the magical world of My Little Adventures!
Above and beyond traditional books, My Little Adventures allows children to enter our stories, thanks to incredible, dynamic face-recognition software.
Reflex. It is an application primarily used for research in evaluating emerging for touch devices. It serves as interface prototype for actuators to simulate the real sound and feel of an object or device.
AromaPro for Sahra
AromaPro for Sahra. It is a spa application that determines and recommends a set of product to a client based on his/her personality, mind and soul condition. It's a great example of an application that fuse touch and technology to deliver the ultimate customer experience.
Real Estate Back Of The Envelope
Real Estate Back Of The Envelope. It is a real estate calculator and analysis tool for commercial investors and agents. It allows you to calculate property values and pro forma investment returns for office, residential, retail, industrial and hotel. It calculates for the IRR , cash flow and sensitivity graphs.

Mobile App Development by Cambria

The essential message we wish to convey to future clients and friends is this: Our mobile app development company develops software applications for smart phones, ipads and other mobile devices. If you need to develop one we would love the opportunity to show you what we can do. If you trust our 28 years of programming experience and know what you want, press the Contact Us link and let us hear from you. See below for general guidelines in the Mobile App world or see our specialty pages on apps for different devices by clicking on one of the elements given a few lines above.

Josh and Jun - Cambria IOS Programmer
Josh and Jun - Cambria's Mobile Development team

A Compelling Marketing Reason to consider Mobile Apps Development

The popularity of smartphones and tablet devices is staggering. It seems as if Mobile app programming has become a dominant force in the programming world almost overnight. Amazing as it may seem there are more users of third party mobile applications than there are desktop computers. App development companies are popping up every day. It is a whole new world.

In the Philippines, where Cambria does all of its Mobile Application Development , even the poorest people in the most remote provinces have cell phones and a growing percentage of these are smart phones. Moreover they are almost always near at hand. According to a Strategy Analytics estimate there were a billion smartphones in existence in October 2012 and that the number will double by 2015. Moreover Strategy Analytics Executive Director Neil Mawston maintains that "Smartphone penetration is still relatively low" when the potential in China, India and Africa is considered.

According to this article the number of mobiles in use is expected to reach 10 billion in 2016 - more than one per person (!)- and according to IHS iSuppli Wireless Communications Market Tracker Report smartphones will represent 67.4% of the total cellphone market in that not-so-far-off year.

Estimates like those above (which are not quite in sync - 2 billion in 2015, 6.7 billion in 2016?) do not have to be taken as gospel in order to realize that something new is truly taking place. In return for a relatively small investment a mobile app developer in, say, Ridley Park, PA (my home town) will have the ability to market directly to most of the people in the world. It does not take much imagination to reflect on the rise and fall of businesses and even languages in such a world.

Mobile Developer
Thinking hard about the implications of this developing technology

Two approaches to Mobile App Development (and a compromise)

Having started in 1984, Cambria has seen quite a bit of change as hardware grew ever more powerful and programming effort shifted from desktop to the web. Now, in some ways it is "deja vu all over again" with the mobile app development world itself split between "native apps" that are much like desktop programs running on the device itself and a mobile web app developed to run on a browser. There are also hybrid apps that combine both approaches.

Native Apps

A native app is one in which the program runs on the device (although it may access remote data). As with desktop programs these tend to have superior performance to a web app, a fact that leads to our recommendation in the last two requirements of the following paragraph.

Cambria recommends developing a native app if at least one of the following requirements, in decreasing order of importance, applies:

  • The app is needed for off line use (That is, without an internet connection)
  • The app needs to use device specific hardware (microphone, GPS, camera, etc..)
  • The app needs to be displayed full-screen
  • The application is Graphics intensive
  • High performance is important

The last two items are of course questions of degree and if there is flexibility our clients may still wish to develop a mobile web app if other considerations are more important.

Cambria develops native apps for all mainstream mobile devices. Our mobile app developers have expertise in the following areas:

  • Application programming for mobile devices
  • Porting of existing mobile app to another platform
  • Creation of mobile apps as add-on to existing web / desktop apps

Mobile Web Apps

A Web App is just a web page or a series of them and these days run on HTML5, a version of the same HTML that has powered web pages for more than a decade. This version was developed with the needs of mobile devices in mind. A primary reason to develop your app in this way is simply cost. It is easy to do and will come naturally to any developer already familiar with developing web pages for full size computers.

By analogy with web programming designed for use on the desktop we can say that another strong reason to choose a web app over a native app is platform independence. (This is generally true but in our experience the code must be tweaked here and there to make the program display properly on, say, a blackberry as well as an iPhone.)

Low cost of development combined with platform independence! What then are the disadvantages of this approach? One important limitation is imposed by not having access to basic capabilities of the device such as the camera, contacts, calendar, push notifications and the like. (As seen below this can be addressed by the hybrid approach.)

But we are still stuck with inferior performance as compared to a native app and this is not solved by the hybrid option. In case this makes the web alternative seem too bleak it is important to stress that modern technology advances all the time. Style sheets made with CSS3, developed with mobile devices in mind, as well as with the use of HTML5 help to make the display more competitive in quality with native apps and care taken with the way in which JavaScript is used can make all but the most demanding apps seem responsive enough.

A Compromise: Hybrid Web Apps

A hybrid app is one that, like a web app, is developed using web technologies (HTML5, Css, Javascript etc ...) but is run on the device by a software container. This "container" is a native app that gives the hybrid app access to the capabilities of the device. These containers (or "wrappers" ) can be easily generated by using software from commercial vendors.

Thus the Hybrid Web App overcomes some of the limitations of the pure web app and enables the app to receive notifications, make use of calendars and contacts and supports gestures such as the pinch and spread. These are significant advantages that make a web approach more practical. But as of today the buyer should be aware that no browser in a mobile device gives full support to HTML5 and the Hybrid still shares the performance disadvantages of a pure web app. All these issues can be discussed with your Cambria programmers when it comes time to develop a new app.

Summary on what approach to use

Briefly put, choose to go native if you want high performance, don't mind writing different apps for different operating systems, and can afford it. Choose Web if platform independence is the objective, high performance is not required and you want to get it done fast and cheap. Choose Hybrid if the advantages of the Web approach appeal to you but you need to access the hardware functionality of the device.

App Development Opportunities at Cambria for an Expert at Mobile App Programming

As an app development company we are looking for mobile app programming specialists with relevant skills. If you are an expert in Mobile Programming with several years experience and are looking for another opportunity then please check the "careers" section of this website to see if an entry for Mobile Developer (or Developers) is on the list. Mobile app development is the hottest field in programming these days and we are constantly looking for senior mobile programmers to join our staff in Makati City in Metro Manila, Philippines.

iOS App Development at Cambria

iOS is Apple's operating system for mobile devices. It was first introduced on the iPhone and as it evolved was made the operating system for the iPad, iPod and other Apple products.

Cambria's career as an iOS app development company began in the USA shortly after Apple released its Software Development Kit for iOS. Soon our developers in our Philippine office began to get into this specialty and most of our development is now done in the Philippines by our Manila programmers. By now we have developed many iOS Apps for our customers and other Software Development companies.

IOS Programmer
Cambria's Mobile Development team

As with any iOS development company the tools in routine use among our iOS app developers are Objective-C and Xcode, the IDE used for developing both Mac and iOS applications. There are actually tools now for our iOS app developers to build iOS applications using PHP and Delphi (Beta). This will open the door for our Delphi and PHP teams and also for clients skilled in these tools.

It is important to understand that iOS app development does not stand on its own and is ordinarily built to exchange data with a web server using a web API. Most of Cambria's iOS app developers have prior experience as web developers working with mainstream database systems and the adoption of this new way of programming simply means that we have a new front end for users of our older custom software.

Cambria is a 31 year old California company which does most of its development in Makati (Metro Manila) in the Philippines. You will get the same high quality programming we have always provided but with a price that is excellent compared to the USA. The Philippines is the largest English speaking country in the world after the USA and because of its American culture and history you will find our development staff as easy to deal with as with any American company.

Price and Quality

We hire nothing but seasoned professional programmers. There are no junior programmers or on-the-job trainees here. Have a look at our staff biographies: there is nobody on it who has less than 5 years of professional programming experience and most have more. All have project leadership skills and are capable of dealing directly with our clients without being hindered by a layer of middle management. Salaries are substantial enough to attract and keep such people which means prices that are high by Philippine standards but still outstanding for a USA company. And since turnover is low you can expect to work with your favorite contact for years to come.

Android App Development at Cambria

Android is the name of the Linux operating system owned by Google and made available to mobile hardware manufacturers for their use. It was released in 2008.

In keeping with its main product Google has released Android under a bunch of light hearted names the most recent of which is the "Ice Cream Sandwich" that succeeds the "Honeycomb", "Gingerbread" and others. Older systems have a habit of hanging around so unless your application makes unique use of a new feature be sure that your applications are downward compatible.

One difference between iOS devices and those App using Android is the option that Android Developers have for building in enhanced connectivity options such as using WiFi and 3G / $G networks. If this is important then an Android App should be considered.

Most Android apps make use of the web to connect to remote databases and our Android app developers have been able to tap into our years of experience in Web Development and database applications. This experience has been directly applicable to these new Android apps.

Tools in routine use among our Android developers include Java and Eclipse.

Cambria will assist the Client during the entire development lifecycle and will be available for support when needed in the future as we have been during the last 28 years for more traditional software applications.

Blackberry App Development at Cambria

The Blackberry, made by Research in Motion (RIM) began its evolution into the smart phones we see today back in 2002. An advantage to developing for the Blackberry is their large installed base with more than 30 million of active Blackberry users in business environments.

Cambria has long developed applications using Java so the Blackberry Java Development Environment available from RIM was a natural for us to get started quickly. Our first Blackberry App was a Real Estate Back of the Envelope App for commercial investors and agents.

Blackberry Mobile Development
Cambria's Mobile Development team

Cambria will assist the Client during the entire Blackberry development lifecycle and will be available for support when needed in the future as we have been during the last 28 years for more traditional software applications.

App Development at Cambria for the Windows Phone

Our .NET developers were delighted to see the Windows Phone Software Development Kit (SDK) introduced in 2010 and we began developing in this environment almost immediately. As you might expect, with 91% of the mobile phone market divided by Android and iOS applications most of our mobile phone development has been done for them. But with the latest release of Windows Phone 8 we may be on the verge of a significant increase in Windows Phone development for our customers and our .Net team is waiting for the surge.

Windows Phone DevelopersAccording to a recent report in February 2013 Windows Phone sales were up 150% over the previous year and even a casual examination of trends shows that Windows Phone will surpass BlackBerry soon and take over third place in the market - although a distant third behind iOS and Android units.

long with the release of Windows Phone 8 and the Windows Phone SDK 9.0 was a major update to the .Net Framework runtime which is built on a shared common language runtime (CLR) with Windows 8. For our customers the bottom line is this: Apps will start up faster and run significantly faster and because the changes make programming more efficient (and more easily learned by experienced .Net developers) the apps will be less expensive as well.

Windows Phone DevelopmentsTools in routine use among our Windows Phone App developers include Visual Studio and Telerik RadControls. This, combined with our expertise in ASP.NET (Web) development, makes us perfectly situated to meet the demands of our customers today and, if a promised growth of Windows Phone Apps takes place as promised, to meet these demands as well. In this regard it should be borne in mind that most mobile apps require integration with a web server via web API.

Cambria will assist the Client during the entire development lifecycle and will be available for support when needed in the future as we have been during the last 28 years for more traditional software applications.

1 Cambria Client Roger Williams. The program you use every day is an “executable”. It is created from “source code” written by the programmer. If you own it, anyone can modify the program. If not, you are at the mercy of the vendor. Make sure you own it.

Unsolicited Testimonials

The team are doing GREAT!
Just to let you know I've organized 3 gift vouchers to be delivered to Vea, JM and Clariza tomorrow as a thank you for really outstanding work. When I come back I'll bring some chocolates or something for all in the office. We just want to say thank you because they have been a delight to work with!

Kurt Nasarenko, Narrative Global, Brisbane, Qld, Australia

"By the way, Alan and I are impressed that all the feedback from users hasn't resulted in any major errors – again, just small typos and stuff. Great job with the original app!"

Joseph Freed, Razak Company, Philadelphia, PA

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