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What's an ecommerce website?


An ecommerce website is an online store that allows users to purchase and sell actual items, services, and digital products via the internet rather than in person. A company can use an ecommerce website to process orders, receive payments, manage shipping and logistics, and provide customer care.

The internet creates a market for products and services through an e-commerce website to process orders and receive payments.

The internet creates a completely new market for products and services. It opens up a diverse field with new efficiency for sales, marketing, customer service, shipment tracking, inventory management, and many other areas of the overall company model.

Creating a company on the web could be an excellent strategy to increase your market. However, without a clear grasp of the process and well stated goals, creating a successful ecommerce website can become a challenging, demanding, and pricey endeavor.

Our Ecommerce Web Design Services

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Ecommerce Website Design

Improve the purchasing experience of your ecommerce website with our design and development expertise.
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Ecommerce Website Security

Shield your ecommerce website and keep your online store and clients safe from credit card thieves.
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B2C Ecommerce

Create B2C websites with scalability and great conversion potential using our appealing UI and custom development.
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Custom E-Commerce Cross-platform Software

Try modern ecommerce solutions and manage your company's performance in the cloud, on the web, and on mobile devices.
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Ecommerce Website Quality Assurance

Examine your online store's performance and the functionality of its features.
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B2B Ecommerce

Personalize your buyer's experience, set up workflows, and enable diverse access to your online shop with our B2B ecommerce solutions.
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Ecommerce Website Maintenance and Management

Concentrate on your core business function while we take care of your ecommerce websites technical aspects.
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Ecommerce Website Consulting

Achieve your company objectives with result-oriented ecommerce consulting services.
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Ecommerce Web-hosting Services

Configure and host your ecommerce website, as well as software upgrades based on your sales volume, traffic, and budget.

Benefits of Ecommerce Websites


Displaying best-sellers, for example, makes it simpler to show off items to your consumers. Customers and potential clients can be given a wealth of information that will make their buying experience faster and easier, as well as deliver better customer care. Let us look at the main advantages of establishing an ecommerce store.

A shopper using an e-commerce mobile platform is presented details that will make their buying experience faster and easier.
Reduce overhead and operational costs

The cost of establishing an ecommerce website is less than that of starting a physical store. Your company's whole sales system is automated online.

This results in saving money on personnel, salary, and other company expenses such as energy and rent.

The money you've saved can be utilized to expand your ecommerce website. Ecommerce websites will allow you to increase your product offering more quickly than is generally achievable in a traditional store setting.

Ecommerce websites allow you to determine which goods are selling well. You can ensure that stock levels of these products are raised so you can provide a broader choice of things to offer through your ecommerce website.

This will help you to expand your company's sales, client base, and profitability. Continuously analyzing what your customers are buying will significantly broaden your product line into a variety of industries.

Track and measure data from your ecommerce website.

You can examine information such as how many orders are processed through your site, average cart total, cart abandonment rate, and percentage of total income your website has generated at regular intervals using analytics software.

By interacting directly with the buyer, an ecommerce website allows you to sell at better margins.

The shopping cart and payment choices on your website also indicate that you are receiving a full payment from the buyer right away. This will boost your cash flow, especially if your clients often pay you in installments.

Ecommerce websites eliminate any geographical constraints that a traditional office-based store would have. You can be anywhere in the world and still operate your ecommerce company successfully.

Access to emails, the Internet, and phones are required in order to manage your ecommerce website from anywhere.

Your potential customers can access your ecommerce website at any time of day or night. This indicates that you are optimizing your sales and earnings as a company. Increasing your sales by utilizing a variety of activities such as special offers and internet marketing campaigns can also be done.

Employing effective marketing initiatives like calls to action and unique, time-sensitive offers on your ecommerce website will stimulate the curiosity of new clients. These campaigns will inspire your visitors to take action while on your website, increasing your conversion rate from visitor to sale.

Your ecommerce platform will handle the whole ordering and payment procedure for your consumers. This will allow you more time to decide what new things to sell, what special deals to promote, and how successful your sales are.

You will also be able to see any patterns in terms of which goods are selling the best.

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Our strategy is simple. Outstanding programmers do not need middle managers or elaborate QC controls. And our clients deal directly with the programmer.

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Partnership with Cambria California and Philippines to achieve a high-performing, reliable, and secured e-commerce web app.

Cambria is a company based in California with activities in Metro Manila, Philippines. Since our inception in 1984, we have been delivering software development services to our clients.

Here are some reasons why you should partner with us:


We will assess the extent to which your ecommerce website can be customized to meet your objectives, as well as the potential of implementing or supporting the customization.

User friendliness

We will create a user-friendly ecommerce website for you. If your website is difficult to use for the ordinary visitor or customer, it will have an immediate impact on its utilization and, as a result, will affect your sales.

Hardware and software resources

We will propose the best computer type, CPU, storage needs, and operating system for your ecommerce website in order for it to work with your current platform.

Maintenance services

Because ecommerce website requirements change on a regular basis, continual maintenance is essential. We will assess how frequently your website should be updated and whether new features should be included.

Technological evolution

We will plan ahead for technological progress to make it easier to modify your ecommerce website and allow your company to implement technologies faster than your competitors.

We will design your ecommerce website with flexibility in mind, so that the technology utilized does not put significant constraints on future options.


The scalability of your ecommerce system relates to how large it can grow in multiple dimensions to give more service.

We will build your system architecture to cater for future expansion in terms of total number of users, concurrent users, and transaction volume.


Customers and competitive advantages come from convenience and performance on your ecommerce website.

Our ecommerce web development approach involves testing for latency (the amount of time it takes to execute an operation) and throughput (the number of operations done in a given amount of time).


System faults and downtime are expensive. When your ecommerce website fails, your business is disrupted; at best, you lose sales; at worst, you lose your consumers' confidence.

We use backup systems to improve system reliability.


The security of your ecommerce website is vital to its success. Private information may be included in the data flow of your ecommerce system, as well as stored data.

As a result, we constantly make certain that the solutions we build fulfill stringent security criteria. We implement procedural security measures, as well as technology solutions like firewalls and encryption, to ensure the security of your ecommerce website.

Our Ecommerce Website Development Process

timeline icon Planning Your Ecommerce Systems

Ecommerce systems, like all other types of information systems, are typically designed to support business operations. The planning stage must be consistent with your company's general business strategy and the specific operations involved. Existing procedures may need to be altered in order to fully benefit from the enabling ecommerce infrastructure.

This step entails comprehensive examination to guarantee that your ecommerce website has the functionality required to suit the needs of your business operations and clients. is important for difficult to operate and maintain ecommerce systems. This process results in a choice to use a certain ecommerce system, along with a timeframe, budget, and allocated task.

timeline icon Creating Your Ecommerce Architecture

The executable components of your website that can be triggered by other programs that operate on those services will be described in your ecommerce architecture. Instead of writing new code from scratch, the core notion is to reuse and link your current web services.

The ecommerce architecture specifies the following:

  • Information and data needed to achieve your company's goals and vision.

  • Application modules for delivering and managing information and data.

  • Technologies needed to operate the ecommerce modules.

  • Security, scalability, and dependability for your ecommerce website.

  • Processes for putting the architecture in live production.

After determining the architecture, we will decide the best solutions for developing your ecommerce website.

timeline icon Coding and Development of Your Ecommerce Website

The ideal developer will be able to build an ecommerce website with the proper appearance and feel, as well as manage any difficult code that may be necessary. We'll begin building code and establishing the business logic for your software. Backend and frontend development can be done concurrently or independently, depending on the complexity of your project.

Frontend development enables us to ensure that your web application is responsive and usable on a wide range of devices.

We will program the backend functionality of your software, which includes setting up the database server, finishing the actual business logic, and interfacing with APIs.

timeline icon Quality Assurance and Testing

After designing and developing your ecommerce website, the next step is to get the website working in the chosen environment. Connecting your website to back-end databases, other apps, and, in many cases, other websites is one of the phases in the testing process.

The following is a list of the various tests that are performed:

  • Unit testing to test each module individually.

  • Integration testing to validate the interaction of modules.

  • Usability testing to evaluate the quality of the user's experience when engaging with your ecommerce website.

  • Acceptance testing to verify whether your ecommerce website fits the original business objectives and vision of your company.

After passing all of the tests, your ecommerce website can be made available to end consumers.

timeline icon Support and Maintenance

It normally takes just as much time and work to run and manage your ecommerce website as it does to create and deploy it. Your webstore must be updated on a regular basis if you want to enjoy a smooth usage.

Adding new goods to your inventory, adjusting prices, and launching new specials are all necessary. These modifications and upgrades must go through the same testing methods as the QA process.

Furthermore, usage trends and performance must be investigated to decide which aspects of your ecommerce website should be updated.

Ecommerce website development outsourcing to the Philippines


Outsourcing with Cambria is an excellent choice for you. Since 1984, we have been developing software and custom programs for our clients. Because of our competence in the software development business, we can design apps swiftly.

Outsourcing e-commerce website development needs to Cambria's offshore operations in the Philippines for financial savings.

We will safeguard all of your internal networks while providing you with access to our pool of expert software developers. We can also accommodate startups and small and medium-sized businesses if you lack IT experience and are on a limited budget.

Outsourcing your ecommerce website development needs to our offshore operations in the Philippines will result in significant financial savings for your company while still obtaining a high-quality ecommerce website.

The following are some of the reasons why you should opt to outsource to the Philippines:

Strategic company location

The Philippines is a major entry point to over 500 million people in the ASEAN market. Because of its proximity to major Asian capitals, the country has significant logistics access points. Located at the crossroads of eastern and western commerce, the Philippines is at the heart of Asia's burgeoning economy.

Continuous infrastructure improvement for global expansion

The Philippines has advanced communication, transportation, commercial, and economic infrastructure. With fiber optic cables as the primary network link and satellites as backup, communication provides worldwide access 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Many business opportunities

Philippines is a natural and most strategic option for companies wanting to outsource their ecommerce web design needs. Outsourcing business processes to the Philippines will get access to the massive ASEAN market and its numerous trade prospects. You will be able to integrate into the enormous framework of the Asean Free Trade Agreement (AFTA).

High-quality labor and resources

With higher education as a priority, the country's literacy rate is 94.6 percent, ranking among the best in the world. English is taught in all schools. The Philippines is the world's third largest English-speaking country and has a large pool of creative talent.

Economic liberalization and business friendliness

The Philippines has an open economy that enables 100 percent foreign ownership in some sectors and encourages Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) investment. Multinational corporations seeking regional headquarters are eligible for tax breaks and duty-free imports of certain equipment and supplies.

Welcoming lifestyle

The Philippines is a second home for expats who enjoy the company of Asia's friendliest people. The country is open to all cultures and has a global view, offering numerous magnificent beauty in a tropical environment. Expats appreciate readily available and reasonably priced luxury such as schools, hospitals, retail malls, hotels and restaurants.

Ecommerce Development Outsourcing Examples


Here are some ecommerce web projects that we've made, and unsolicited testimonials from our clients.

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