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We are a custom software development company in California, USA, providing full-cycle managed software development services and staff augmentation since 1984.

Brief History of Cambria Software Development


Early Cambria efforts included developing a point-of-sale system along with other custom applications written in dBase and eventually FoxPro. The product was subsequently sold to a New York company, and our attention shifted entirely to custom programming. Cambria is now an expert in all mainstream programming tools, thanks to the addition of people with a variety of abilities throughout the years.

Cambria software company's programmers in the 1980s providing technical support throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

We accepted any task that people would pay us to perform in the 1980s, and we soon found ourselves giving tech support services in addition to programming. Today, we provide technical support to businesses and families throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our programmers began developing websites for our clients in the 1990s. As the web evolved, we learned that our clients required more artistic expertise than our programmers could provide. As fate would have it, we met our first professional web designer in 1997, just as we were understanding this. As of now, our web design team has built over a thousand websites.

Cambria and the Philippines


Cambria was founded in the Silicon Valley in 1984 and is still headquartered in Menlo Park. We decided to start our own offshore software development company in 2006, as we were facing rising competition from overseas. We chose the Philippines because nearly a half-century of American involvement in the nation resulted in an American-style culture. It is a country where practically everyone speaks English, and educated individuals, such as our programmers, are fluent in it. Any American would feel at ease in Manila and would have no difficulty communicating.

Cambria USA building an offshore development company in the Philippines in 2006 to establish Cambria's presence in Asia.

A moment of reflection may lead you to recognize that one of the things you get in Silicon Valley is intense competition for the best talent, as well as extremely high salaries and rates for our clients. This thought inspired us, like other Silicon Valley companies, to build an office in Asia, in our case the Philippines, in 2007.

What US Companies Outsource


Large corporations with US headquarters would not be where they are now without the aid of outsourcing. It is a well-known fact that Philippine Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies have served US firms of all sizes and sectors. Here are a few examples of US businesses that have successfully outsourced to the Philippines.


Google outsources a wide range of positions in the Philippines, from IT service providers to analytical consultants. Google's Manila office is crucial to the company's development, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region.

Customer service representatives, IT technicians, and content moderators are all outsourced by the company. The majority of the time, Facebook content moderators are outsourced through third-party vendors.

LinkedIn outsources back-office support operations, such as customer service, to third-party vendors in the Philippines.

IBM mostly relies on its offshore personnel to handle its IT activities, such as network administration and the maintenance of their own and their clients' IT infrastructures.

HP and Hewlett Packard Enterprise both outsource for strong customer support and IT services from the Philippines.

The company outsources its product manufacturing to nations such as the Philippines. It began with footwear, but the company today now outsources the production of its clothes and other equipment.

Offshore employees currently work as fraud specialists, customer service representatives, payroll consultants and analysts, process engineers, financial accountants, and others.

The majority of the company's customer support, IT support, and collections functions are outsourced to its Philippines office.

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Our strategy is simple. Outstanding programmers do not need middle managers or elaborate QC controls. And our clients deal directly with the programmer.

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Why US Companies Outsource


Job outsourcing allows US businesses to compete more effectively in the global economy. It enables them to sell in global markets through their overseas operations. By employing in emerging markets with lower living expenses, offshore outsourcing keeps staff prices low. This lowers the pricing of the goods and services they send back to the United States.

Businesses employing offshore outsourcing to keep staff prices low decreasing the cost of services sent back to the US.

Reduce costs

Outsourcing helps you to manage expenses, which is why most businesses utilize it. You can pay for services on an as-needed basis, avoiding large expenditures in infrastructure, software, and manpower. In general, outsourcing helps you to keep your overall personnel expenses low.

Access resources

One reason a company could outsource is to acquire access to expertise and services that it would not otherwise be able to obtain. Hiring specialized software developers through outsourcing could be the difference between getting the talents you require and compromising.

Focus internal resources on more strategic work

Outsourcing non-core functions allows corporate executives to shift their focus from time-consuming administrative work to a more strategic role. Outsourcing allows these resources to refocus on strategic work that adds value to the organization's core expertise.

Our Software Development Services


Cambria is a professional custom software development company in the United States that offers cost-effective, high-quality, and dependable custom software solutions to meet your individual software requirements in a cost-effective manner. Since 1984, we have offered anything from basic adjustments to full-cycle custom software development services.

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Cambria USA Development Cooperation Models

Cambria is a custom software development company headquartered in California, USA, that has been in business for 38 years. We provide an end-to-end managed solution for building your software, as well as staff augmentation services to assist you in growing your team with the support of our professional programmers.

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Our Offices


Every web project has its own technique of distributing business logic across the frontend and the backend. This adaptable method necessitates skilled and extensive architecture design, which ultimately assists us in achieving the essential balance of interaction and stability.

Cambria Corporation

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Cambria Software Philippines, Inc.

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