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"Without control of your Software you don't have control of your company" (i.e. Own the Source Code)1

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Delphi Software Development at Cambria

Our Delphi experience began at Cambria in 1984 when Dick wrote our first custom software application using Turbo Pascal, the predecessor of Delphi and still the language that Delphi is based upon. In fact those old Turbo Pascal programs can still be compiled in Delphi even today with only minor changes. This should not be overlooked - it is an important issue in software maintenance. Ask this of other programming tools and see what the answer is. We have been using Delphi for custom programs from Turbo Pascal through to the current version, Delphi XE.

Cambria Delphi Programmers

Delphi Services
Offshore Delphi Experts (l-r) Alyssa, Rodel, Anthoner (standing), and Richard

Dick is president of Cambria and has been programming in Pascal/Delphi since Cambria first opened its doors. He wrote the systems we still run Cambria on back in the 1980's. For almost 20 years he has been aided in this by Yuliy, shown below with Dick. Rodel has been with us since 2008. With the more recent additions of Alyssa, Chad, and Anthoner ("Ner"), shown above, Cambria now has a strong 6 'man' team of senior Delphi programmers. Older clients will remember James C. and Jon Mora, Cambria Delphi super stars who have moved on to other pastures after being at Cambria for many years.

Delphi Programming Services
Onshore Delphi Programmers Yuliy and Dick in California

Why use Delphi for your programming project

Turbo Pascal was a sensation when it was introduced in 1983 because of the simple elegance of its language, the speed of the compiler and the ease of creating complex applications with readable source code. It is much like C and C++. Unlike C/C++, however, Pascal and Delphi help the programmer by having a compiler that catches common programmer errors. As a result, Delphi application development is faster and plagued with fewer bugs.

Other Major Points in Delphi's favor include:

  • The one-pass compiler is ridiculously fast. So fast that simply doing a test compile is the fastest way of catching syntax bugs. This means development is fast and efficient. Programmers don't have to wait around for a compile sequence.
  • Blazing Speed Delphi programs are compiled into machine language and can be executed directly by the computer. This fact means the execution speed of a Delphi (or C) program leaves other programs in the dust. Access, .Net, and others can't come close
  • No Installation needed. Copy the Delphi program into your computer and simply run it.
  • Read this for a more in-depth discussion of Delphi avantages by a well known expert

Delphi is still the primary choice for creating cross platform programs with a common code base that can run on Windows, Mac and Mobile devices. Full disclosure is probably needed here. Delphi is the favorite programming tool (where it is appropriate of course) of Dick the old man of Cambria. But he is not the only one who likes it. Skype, AdAware, and Spybot are a few of the many successful products developed using Delphi

Opportunities at Cambria for an Expert Delphi Developer

If you are an experienced Delphi Developer looking for a new opportunity please check the "careers" section of this website to see if we are currently hiring Delphi Programmers. We are a stable company that has provided Delphi Programming services (originally Turbo Pascal) since our inception in 1984. As a Delphi Consulting company we can offer a wide variety of projects so that you will never get bored working on the same old thing. For example, in addition to writing Delphi software for desktop applications, these days our Delphi developers can work on Delphi mobile applications.

Sample Delphi Projects

Delphi Custom Programming Projects

Joist is a Delphi CAD application used to design steel joists. Users can chose to use the text based designer or the visual designer. The visual designer behaves like common designer tools wherein users can select members and modify properties. Multiple-selection is also supported.
Cambria converted the original program from Turbo Pascal 7 to Borland Delphi 7. The application is heavy on mathematical computations and numeric precision is a top priority. It doesn't rely on third party database for its data storage needs.
Instead, the program uses text files and variable-record-length binary files.
Technologies Used: Turbo Pascal, Delphi 7, Binary files for data storage
IntegrityDDS is an information management system for dental shops. It supports thousands of accounts with multiple members, scheduling, insurance claims management, and many others.

The original application was developed in Delphi 7 using a multi-tier database architecture on top of the DBISAM database engine. Cambria upgraded the application to use MS SQL Server for performance and support reasons. Optimizations in both code and SQL statements were also applied together with the GUI make-over. The end-result is a much faster, more responsive, and professional-looking application.

Technologies Used: Delphi 7, DBISAM database, MS SQL Server 2008, ReportBuilder, Indy Components
Telescope deals with Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). It is used to project repurchase obligations. A user creates a study and a scenario in which assumptions and census information is entered. Each combination of information, assumptions and census data is a scenario. Scenarios are grouped together in studies; all scenarios in a study share the same census data. A user creates a separate study for each different census. Telescope allows users to create and retain multiple studies, and multiple scenarios within each study.

The application is developed in Delphi 2007 and is using FlashFiler for database and RAVE for reports.

Technologies Used: Delphi 7, Delphi 2007, RAVE Reports, FlashFiler database, Indy Components
Cambria also develops web applications in Delphi (ASP.Net) and VoltrakWeb is one of them. It is a volunteer tracking software with support for touch screen monitors. The touch screen support is for time in/out logging.
Cambria created the web version of an existing Win32 desktop application. To minimize development time (and cost too!), the existing reports (90+ of them) were reused. They were wrapped in a DLL and each report has one exported function. The function returns a filename of the generated PDF file then the web app provides a link (URL) to that file.

Technologies Used: ASP.Net, Delphi 2007 (upgraded from Delphi 2006), ASP.Net 1.1/2.0, MySql database server, ADO, QuickReport, AJAX
Yard Duty Scheduler
Another web application developed in Delphi.Net is a Yard Duty Scheduler. It automates scheduling of yard duty for teachers. The school admin simply enters start and end of school year, teacher information, list of holidays, and list of tasks. Then the application will generate a schedule for the entire year making sure each teacher has equal number of days worked. The generated schedule can still be manually modified if necessary.

Technologies Used: ASP.Net, Delphi 2007, MS SQL Server, AJAX

1 Cambria Client Roger Williams. The program you use every day is an “executable”. It is created from “source code” written by the programmer. If you own it, anyone can modify the program. If not, you are at the mercy of the vendor. Make sure you own it.

Unsolicited Testimonials

Just a short message to let you know I did a first Trade show this past week. The code was solid...and performed as expected. Rodel has done an excellent job with it and the users I demonstrated it to all had positive comments.

Jim Philips, JB Enterprises, Atlanta, GA

"Hi Ner [Anthoner],
I just got back to Glasgow today after a long journey. [To San Diego]
Well, the exhibition was a resounding success for us. Both individuals and organizations were amazed at what the demo could do and we're hoping that the software can be released as soon as possible. I have been telling everyone that my target is to release it between July and September 2015.
... Needless to say, the programmers who came to see the demo were astounded at what we could do and were always asking how it was done. I told them it was due to 'magic'. The main thing is now to deliver the product before the buzz dies down too much.
...I will need to speak to you and Dick about this once I have worked out what will be required to get to product launch. ...In the meantime, thanks again for your hard work. "

Paul Warner, Vict Consultancy, Glasgow, Scotland

"[Dick, Jon].. Thank you for the great work done so far.!"

David S. Phillips, D'LangEMobile, Grovetown, GA

"Hi Dan [Santor],
This is great! I believe that completes this project. Thanks for everything... I appreciate how quickly you addressed all requests. It certainly made my job easier.
You've been a pleasure to work with. Thanks again,"

H.A.Frederick, H.A.Frederick, Killen, AL

I thought you might find the attached feedback from our client's of interest.
Cambria, and in particular, James C., have played an integral part in helping us achieve our vision. You have also enabled us to respond quickly to our client's unique technology needs. Your team is always responsive and eager to tackle any challenge we send their way. We truly appreciate all your team does (and continues to do) for us.
Thanks again,"

Mark Tinney, JOBehaviors, Gig Harbor, WA

"(To James C.) Now that the original "Customer Cross Reference Tool (CD)" has been launched to our entire Surgical Technologies Division sales force and management team I wanted to provide feedback to you for all of your hard work toward the completion of this project.
To date, since the official launch at our National Sales Meeting in February, we have received numerous comments from both our own employees (sales force members) and our customers indicating that this finished software product (CD Rom) is a complete SUCCESS -- and very much APPRECIATED!
I wanted to personally thank you for your efforts, your expertise, and above all, your patience with us as we continued to identify the optimal (and most user friendly) format to provide our customers with this essential cross reference information for our products."

David Swanson, Aesculap, Center Valley, PA

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